10 Minute IT Jam – Who is PagerDuty?

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PagerDuty was born from the idea that software development and operation can work together. While many can associate PagerDuty with incident response and phone management, the company has grown to offer more.

Teams use PagerDuty to identify issues and opportunities in real time, bring in the right people to fix issues more quickly, and prevent future issues.

We talk to PagerDuty’s manager solution to talk to Abhijit Pendyal.

In this video, Abhijit explains:

  • What PagerDuty Brings to IT (including key product details)
  • Why Digital Acceleration Is Important For All Organizations
  • How PagerDuty can help customers and end users mature their digital operations
  • What PagerDuty has done over the last few months-and what’s ahead
  • How IT executives and professionals contact the PagerDuty team.

Watch this video.

10 Minute IT Jam – Who is PagerDuty?

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