10 prepayments: Lindsay Lohan can return to masked singer in 2021

The door for Lindsay Lohan to return to Masked Singer Australia is half-open.

The· Nasty girls The star appeared in the first season of the show, but due to a pandemic, he couldn’t travel to Australia in this year’s series.

Instead, Rohan was replaced by comedian Urujira Carlson in the speculation panel.

Channel 10 today released the 2021 listings and press releases. Masked singer He suggested that the jury lineup would not change next year.

“Host Osher Gunsburg and our Super Sluice panel, Jackie O’, Dave Hughes, Dannii Minogue and Urujira Carlson, have begun a new speculation game,’take off!’,” The press release said.

media_cameraMasked singer 2020 lineup.

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But that may not be the case, according to ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand Chief Content Officer and EVP Beverly McGarvey.

“I think there’s room for wiggles,” McGarvey told news.com.au about the lineup. “The panel is a panel that can evolve.

“We love all our talents this year and we love Lindsay. At this point our feelings are pretty ambitious to think that our borders will open soon. Of course. I’d like to get all the internationals back, if possible, but I don’t know when that will happen.

“We really don’t know who will enter this country until a solid shooting date comes,” McGarvey said. “One of the things we learned this year is that we need to be flexible. Knowing when we’re doing things will tell us how to cast the entire show.”

Masked singer Australia in 2019. Photo: 10
media_cameraMasked singer Australia in 2019. Photo: 10

I am a celebrity

Channel 10 also announced today I am a celebrity Due to the pandemic, it will be shot in Australia instead of South Africa.

“Obviously we couldn’t get back there (to South Africa), so we had to innovate,” McGarvey told news.com.au.

The reality show will be filmed in Dungay, near Murwillumbah, New South Wales.

“The great thing about the Australian site is that it’s been used by the UK and German shows for years,” said McGarvey. “The campsite is great. It has a large studio and is very similar to an African campsite.”

Not only has the location changed, but most of the next season will be pre-recorded rather than live as in the previous year.

Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris are back with me as a celebrity host.
media_cameraDr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris are back with me as a celebrity host.

“The filming part of the show is a bit different for a variety of reasons, especially because at some point there may be different markets that want to use the site. This time it’s a bit earlier than planned. “McGarvey told news.com.au.

Shooting is scheduled to begin on the show, which will begin airing on January 3rd, 10th this year.

“The voting mechanism needs to change depending on the production method, so we’ll discuss it closer to that time,” McGarvey said. “There are certain elements of the show towards the live backend.”

And you can expect the next season I am a celebrity Ten’s boss said he would be more stupid than ever.

“In the last few years you have seen it Celebrity It’s getting more and more fun, “McGarvey told news.com.au. “Given this year and the tones people are looking for, we really turn to that comedy and fun. Celebrity It works most effectively where people are having fun. “

Dilruk Jayasinha on I'm a Celeb.
media_cameraDilruk Jayasinha on I’m a Celeb.

Make australia

Ten today announced that it is producing a local Australian version of the show in the United States. Make it..

“This is a very fun and easy craft show that celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of all of us,” Ten said in a press release. “Every week, Australian craftsmen who are passionate about interior design, murals, woodwork, costume design, etc. are tested on some incredible design and creation challenges … Finally, one manufacturer Wins and is selected as a “master maker”. I have a cash prize of $ 100,000 at home. “

The US version is hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, but Ten has yet to reveal who will host the Australian version.

“We use local talent for the show,” McGarvey told news.com.au about the host. “We are just looking for two interesting people.”

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are hosting Making It in the United States.
media_cameraAmy Poehler and Nick Offerman are hosting Making It in the United States.


Ten also today Doghouse australia It will be displayed on the screen next year.

According to a press release, the show “invites viewers to an emotional journey in which vulnerable dogs transition from abandoned dogs to adopted dogs.” “You’re heartbroken by the abandoned tail, but you’re delighted to see the bond that forms between these once timid pouches and their new enthusiastic family.”

Return show

All Ten’s big shows are back in 2021.

Amazing Race Australia Due to the pandemic, we will be back with athletes traveling to Australia instead of abroad.

Australian Survivor Next year it will also be filmed in Australia.

Drama show 5 bedroom Return Goggles box australia, Are you paying attention?, How to stay married, Huge, I have a problem, chef, Bachelor’s degree And Single, living And Todd Simpson Body Hack..

Originally 10 bosses were released to weight Rohan’s TV returns

10 prepayments: Lindsay Lohan can return to masked singer in 2021

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