2022 Audi RS3 Sportback Review

The world’s fastest hot hatch feels like a half-million-dollar supercar when you close your eyes and focus on its blazing G-forces and epic soundtrack.

Naturally, this kind of sensory experiment is best done from the passenger seat of a car. Audi RS3.

The beloved five-cylinder engine under the hood has a unique musicality. Audi R8 V10 or lamborghini huracanAnd this hatch supports the bark with a relentlessly fast thrust.

how fast is it?Audi claims that he sprints to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds (the latest Porsche 911 Carrera), but independent tests suggest that it is much faster.

Top speed is 290km/h, which is truly impressive for something that shares bones with the humble Volkswagen Golf.

It’s easy to see why this resoundingly sophisticated choice is a hot-hatch enthusiast’s favourite.

The last generation RS3 accounted for a quarter of A3 sales during an off-and-on relationship devastated by supply constraints.

But it never matched the driver engagement of a traditional sports car available at a comparable price. Audi aimed to fix that with a number of changes, including a slightly more muscular engine, improved suspension, a wider stance and a fresh all-wheel drive system.

At $91,391, the on-road cost of a hatchback (the RS3 sedan with Big Boots is $2,500 more) makes it one of the most expensive hatchbacks on the market. Mercedes AMG A45.

Geared for the pinnacle of Audi’s small car range.

It features the best digital dashboard in a car of its size, a 10.1-inch central touchscreen, sat nav, wireless smartphone mirroring and charging, premium stereo, head-up display, and more.

Audi fans may miss the motorsport-inspired flat-bottom steering wheel from older cars stripped in favor of the usual round items compatible with the latest driver-assist technology, but it’s inside and out. seems to have a purpose.

It includes performance ranging from wide bodywork and oversized brakes to a 294kW and 500Nm turbocharged engine and active exhaust. Optional ceramic brakes, carbon fiber highlights and semi-slick Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo R rubber take you even further.

The biggest selling point for owners looking to trade in a last-gen car might be the torque vectoring rear differential that transforms the driving experience.

The new diff pushes force into the outside rear wheel when cornering and helps the car turn when applying force in corners.

A wider stance and a 19-inch front wheel that’s an inch wider than the rear improve front-end bite.

A narrower rear tire encourages the tail to relinquish grip before the front, minimizing understeer and increasing corner entry agility.

There’s also a drift mode for tail-happy pranks that weren’t possible on the old model. I tested this feature on a racetrack skid pan and it does slide, but it feels a little stuck. Rear-wheel drive, he’s not as natural or predictable as a BMW or Mustang.

You need a solid right foot and plenty of room to swing the tail.

This is arguably the best RS3 ever, especially when it comes to driver engagement.

It’s also much more practical than a two-door sports car and makes everyday life much easier.

Silky power delivery and multi-mode shock absorbers keep you poised over bumps.

Superior ergonomics and impressive infotainment features add to its everyday appeal. When you factor in a truly special engine, the results are worth savoring.

verdict: Indulgent to drive, relentlessly fast and cheaper than its competitors, Audi’s RS3 represents a winning combination.

4 stars

Audi RS3

price Driveaway for about $100,000

engine 2.5 liter 5-cylinder turbo, 294 kW, 500 Nm

Warranty/Service 5-yr/u’ltd km, $3589 for 5 years

safety 6 Airbags, Automatic Emergency Braking, Active Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

thirst 8.2L/100km

boot 282 liters

spare repair kit

first published as Audi’s RS3 symbolizes the end of an era

2022 Audi RS3 Sportback Review

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