6 new cases, no deaths, 14-day average fall

Melvernian wearing a mask at the top of Collins Street in Melbourne. Photo: NCA NewsWire / Andrew Henshaw

In Victoria, six new cases of coronavirus were recorded and there were no deaths as the 14-day significant average declined again.

Victoria’s 14-day average was 0.6 as angry and worried locals in Sheparton lined up at the test site from 6am in fear of an outbreak in a local city following three positive cases. It’s stable.

Melbourne’s mystery incidents increased from 1 to 15 from Wednesday, but the 14-day average fell slightly from 9.6 to 8.9.

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Health officials say the 14-day average should be about 5 days for the state government to consider deregulation on October 19.

After seven new cases and five deaths were recorded on Wednesday, most of the state’s one-day viral deaths have occurred since seven were recorded on September 29.

In Victoria, there were no cases of unknown origin in the last 14 days, but the number of active cases on Wednesday increased from 6 to 8.

The total number of cases in Victoria since the outbreak of the pandemic now exceeds 20,310, with 816 and 182 dead as of Wednesday.

Details of Thursday’s new incident are expected later in the premiere daily media briefing.

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Place of origin6 new cases, no deaths, 14-day average fall

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