6 new cases of COVID-19, zero deaths, no new infections in Sheparton

Victoria recorded 6 new Coronavirus Zero infectious diseases and deaths in the last 24 hours.

Premier Daniel Andrews confirmed that all six of the state’s new COVID-19 cases were from the metropolis of Melbourne.

There are eight active cases in Victoria, five of which are linked to Kilmore Cluster and three to Sheperton.

This number means that no new cases were detected in Sheparton all night.

The average daily number of cases in Metropolitan Melbourne for 14 days decreased to 8.9.

While in Victoria, the average is currently 0.6.

Andrews described a total of 1862 tests in Sheparton yesterday as an “amazing effort.”

“I’m hoping for another 2000 tests to be done today,” he said.

There are 11 test sites operating near the local town.

The prime minister said health officials are giving bottled water to people in long lines, and those who appear to be at high risk are being tracked immediately.

A total of nearly 15,500 Victorian people across the state were tested for COVID-19.

Hundreds of people have begun lining up at Shepparton’s COVID-19 testing clinic as a rural town in Victoria faces an outbreak of the virus. (Nine News)

Approximately 400 people in the Sheparton community have been quarantined after a virus superspreader (truck driver from Melbourne) traveled to town on September 30.

Andrews said they were either in quarantine cases, intimate contact or intimate contact.

“So all those three separate groups of people are linked through a chain of potential transmissions,” he said.

“They are quarantined at home and for one person at home. That is the nature of this virus. It spreads violently.”

The Sheparton Showground test center has already closed after reaching a capacity of 300 people.
The Sheparton Showgrounds test center has already closed after reaching a capacity of 300 people. (9)

Yeron Weimar, the Department of Health and Human Services inspection commander, said he was pleased that the 350 test results processed so far at Sheparton were negative.

“It’s an encouraging move. Of course, we have more tests being processed while we’re talking, and we’ll update them during the day when we get those results,” he said.

Anyone who visits the following places High risk date and timeWe recommend that you take the test regardless of whether you have any symptoms.

-Sheperton Marketplace Medical Center

-McDonald’s Sheperton North

-Mua Opener Golf Club Shop

Andrews argues that after the family was first tested for COVID-19, state health departments could have prevented the outbreak of shephertons if they acted more quickly to encourage infected Melvernians to self-quarantine. Refused.

“I don’t draw that conclusion,” he said.

“I would like to tell you that the Melbourne restrictions should have traveled with you and they did not travel with this person, so he should have spent time in places where he should not have spent time. Not only did he spend time in Victoria in the area, he has permission to do it.

“But what he isn’t allowed to do is sit in a cafe for three hours or go to many other places to attend.”

How Chadstone Clusters Infect Sheperton

Deputy Chief Health Officer Allenchen provided a timeline on how the Chadstone cluster was deployed and expanded to include Sheparton.

Cleaners working at the Chadstone Shopping Center were tested on September 25, and health officials noticed positive results the following day, September 26.

Butcher Club at Chadstone Shopping Center. (9)

Butcher Club managers were found positive on September 28, after being hospitalized for other reasons.

Health officials then established a linked connection between the manager and cleaner cases. They were not previously told that the cleaner went to Chadstone.

Butcher Club staff were tested on September 29th.

They are the home contacts of truck drivers who drove to Sheparton. The infected truck driver drove to Kilmore the same day and to Sheperton the next day.

The contact information for the truck driver’s household was positive on September 30, the same day he returned home.

“Unfortunately, we can slip through the net,” said Professor Chen.

He admitted that the infected would have been arrested in the state’s new “Third Ring” quarantine operation.

“We weren’t doing a contact contact approach, but that’s what we’re doing now.”

Place of origin6 new cases of COVID-19, zero deaths, no new infections in Sheparton

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