7 casual style tips you need to know

As we get older, the urge to wear peacock work diminishes, and casual styles play a leading role. With some casual style tips under your belt, you’ll be ready for the day, look good and feel very easy.

For everyday wear, most of us prefer comfortable clothing, but not flashy fashion or clothing that looks attractive. We’re probably past the era of flaunting the look at me in the way we’re in our twenties!

But a casual look doesn’t mean it doesn’t seem to bother you. Casual clothing (check out my Pinterest board) should be easy to wear and attractive, but it won’t take hours to assemble.

Casual style tips and tricks

We have established that casual style does not mean sloppy or duggy style.

Rather, it seems easy to throw together, but it’s actually considered and reasonably sophisticated.

But I don’t think it will take hours to put it together in a casual look.

With a little positive planning and some insider tips and tricks, you can quickly put together the perfect casual style.

Flock up

There is no doubt that the wardrobe full of flock is perfect for the summer with bold and pretty prints.

Chain stores have recently been selling a variety of these cute flocks at reasonable prices. If you want to buy from a more ethical perspective, look for a more unique style at your local designer or boutique.

Also, don’t forget to search at charity shops where you can often get the high-end labels that are loved for basement prices.

Online, I love the variety of casual flocks and dresses available at Adrift.

Summer flock, casual style tips

Please wear trousers

Ponte pants are perfect for any body shape, regardless of the season. Make sure you know how to wear Ponte Pants for the most flattering effect.

Blue jeans are available for all ages. They shout youth and energy. Whatever the cost, try to buy the best pair possible. It’s all cut, but they also have to be comfortable.

If you want to look good on jeans, stick with these few style tips on how to look slim on jeans.

Blue denim with text overlay

In the bag

Add a beautiful, soft and luxurious leather handbag to your everyday look.

It can be as big as a tote bag that always looks good, but it can also be like a small shoulder bag if you just take out your cell phone and wallet.

If you like the shape, buy it in a different color. This leather shoulder tote is available on Amazon in a variety of colors at great prices.

Click here for pricing.

For casual styles, make sure your bag isn’t noisy, classy, ​​durable and practical.

Below are the versatile Christine bags for the Travel and Living collection.

Blue leather handbag, casual style tips

Hat and sunny

Don’t forget your lovely hat. Indispensable in summer. I think hats are a necessity, so it makes sense to choose a wardrobe.

Not only is it not suitable for choosing a peak cap, but also for protecting the face and neck.

There are many beautiful styles to choose from, so get in the habit of hats. This is a post I wrote earlier that links to a great selection of affordable hats on Amazon.

Sunscreen hat

Sunglasses are always adding charm and are essential if you live in a hot country like me.

Hair and makeup

When it comes to hair and makeup, casual is always more attractive.

Choose the easy care hairstyle that suits you, without spending hours under the hair dryer or struggling to straighten the tongs.

In this post, I’ll cover The Bob and why it’s so easy and versatile.

Short hairstyles for women over 50 that give tips on casual styles

Perform a 5-minute make-up routine that covers foundation, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick. Perfect for every day. This is mine … 5 Quick Makeup Tips for Makeup in 5 Minutes

Wardrobe sense

Do the seasonal spruce in your wardrobe. Cut out the parts that are no longer useful or no longer fit – if you want to know how to do this, read this post on the basics of Wise Woman’s Nofuss Wardrobe.

Clothes inspiration

When you have a wardrobe full of basic pieces, most of them can be mixed and mixed together, and then it’s always easy to get in and out of the door to look good right away is.

Accessories are ace

Your favorite rings, bangles, bangles and necklaces can look casual from “bleuh” to “beautiful” without glaring.

Don’t forget an elegant, modern, minimalist watch like me on Nordgreen

Node green minimalist watch

Scarves are the ultimate casual style accessory. Have fun learning how to loop or drape and tie in different ways.

Insider casual style tips

Take a selfie of an effective outfit. Print it out and place it behind the wardrobe door. That way, you don’t have to spend time remembering what fits what and which outfit really worked.

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7 casual style tips you need to know

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