7 iPhone tricks you probably haven’t used

People tend to love the iPhone because they are used to it. But we are convinced that there are some things they don’t even know what they can do. Here’s a list of some of the best hidden tricks to help you take your device to the next level.

Invisible folder on iPhone

Are you overwhelmed by the number of apps you can’t delete yourself? Want a clearer and more concise home screen? Well, for those who like a little mystery in their lives … and for their phone, this hack is for you.

All you need to do to do this hack is to change the phone background to a color that matches the folder. next, Shortcut app Make the folder a blank icon to match the same color. You can do that by deleting the title of the folder. A hidden folder where you can save your app.

Message that disappears / reappears

Have you ever rethinked about typing a message to someone and sending it? Then you need to know this quick and easy trick that you can not only delete the message, but also undo the message if the second idea becomes the third idea.

After typing a message, shake the phone and a notification will pop up Undo The message disappears.If you’re indecisive and change your mind like me, just shake the phone again Redo message.

Lock the app

Some people like the privacy of the app a bit, but don’t want to log out every time they use it. If you want to take your security settings one step further, but with less hassle, you can do it.

Enter you Setting afterwards Screening App restrictionsThen, in the app you want to lock, change the time limit to 1 minute. If someone tries to enter the app after you type, you will only see a blank screen notifying you that the limit has been reached.

Lock iPhone home screen

This trick is great for security reasons, or even just for pranks. For those who normally scroll the home screen page, this trick can be used to pin the home screen to one page.

Simply yours Widget Go down until the page is displayed Edit button. When you tap the edit button, microphone At the same time the button on the top. It may require several attempts, after which the first homepage use is locked. To remove the hack, click the dot at the bottom of the page to return to the widget page and Swipe up..

Flashing light notification

It’s a bit annoying to hear your smartphone constantly buzzing with new notifications every 5 minutes. Sometimes you need to take a short break from endless noise, so if you’re tired of the sounds you claim, this hack is the perfect silencer.

Go to your mobile phone Setting afterwards General..Enter you Accessibility Options and yours audiovisual..Tap LED flash for alert Turn it on while turning on your power Silent and flash.. There will be no noise, but you will be notified with a light visual.

Easily relocate apps

We were all there. I’m plagued by organizational bugs and just want to refresh my home screen a bit. If you sift through the ocean of accumulated apps, you will notice mistakes. Well, this trick will help you get the job done much faster.

However Long press One of the apps afterwards click They are all grouped together through others that you want to participate in the turbulence. The easiest and most efficient way for an organization’s self to get started and get the job done.

Hide past locations

Most people aren’t very happy with recording a recent location, but often they are unaware of it.

First of all Setting App and privacy.. afterwards, Location-based services, Then scroll down System serviceAnd finally to you Important place.. Then you’ll see a list detailing all the places you recently traveled. Here you can easily clear the history and then turn it off.

There’s nothing better than maximizing the potential of your iPhone for maximum security. And on the eve of the new iPhone 12 release, here at , turn your back on all the tricks and hacks you need!

7 iPhone tricks you probably haven’t used

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