9 MONTHS after a MAXI 3D hair transplant …

9 MONTHS after a single MAX 3D hair transplant of about 3,600 hairs (i.e. 600 grafts) in a single transplant day at the IRMINE clinic in LUXEMBOURG-ville (near the station) … I am a hairdresser and had my hair transplanted by the MAXI 3D graft method (MAXIgreffe 3D) that I discovered on the Internet: 9 months later I explain my experience and show with this video that I made myself: my result which is astounding, painless, scar-free and 100% natural … Exactly as I wanted … and not at all like the other transplants that I see in clients. SEE ALSO: MAXIgreffe and the NEW hair transplants in 2017 … For a detailed explanation of the animation: see the site: Hello, To answer many people who called me … I am often asked why pay more for the MAXIgreffe 3D in Luxembourg (between 3,000 and 6,000 euros) while in Istanbul a FUE costs about half (3,000 euros)? … Simply because in Istanbul you will get between 400 and 800 hairs with 2,000 scars behind the head made by a non-doctor employee, not even a nurse with all the risks that this entails and the impossibility of removing grafts to fill this insufficiency … Indeed, it involves a completely mitred rear and lateral donor zone which becomes unusable. While you will get 3,000 to 3,600 hairs with only 600 small scar spots (identical to those of the F.UE.) on 2 lines of 2 cm high which will be hidden in the hair (unshaven) coming out of a MAXI 3D graft . FUE requires 3 to 4 interventions (often impossible because the donor area is completely unusable because it was taken too much from the first transplant …). All this to obtain only a density 6 times less dense than a single 3D MAXI transplant. FUE is therefore three times more expensive in Istanbul, but above all: it damages the back of your head much more without the possibility of repair. You often ask me which method corresponds to: – DHI: it is only FUE often carried out with PUNCH HAIR MATIC or SAFER machines. It is handled by a technician and takes 1.2mm grafts of 1, 2, 3 hairs. The grafts are aspirated by a stream of physiological serum (9/1000 salt water) and are recovered damaged on a strainer (permanent filter). The weak results are identical to FUE. – ARTAS: it is an automatic FUE sampling machine that does not take into account the curve of the hair under the skin but only on the surface, which makes it very clumsy. Only a doctor can readjust the axis of the harvest according to the curve of the hair under the skin by checking the axis of the grafts taken permanently: this is very important and this is what gives the more or less good result. . The adjustment of ARTAS is therefore very difficult and the results identical to those of FUE, that is to say: low in density. PLEASE NOTE: some centers or doctors claim to practice the new 3D® Grafts or the maxi hair TRANSPLANT … It is not: the MAXIgreffe®! They use the old methods of harvesting and reimplantation of 2mm grafts. Only the IRMINE clinic in Luxembourg, Center for Research and Development of New 3D Grafts, and its consultation centers in France and Belgium practice the latest methods with incomparable results compared to the old methods. See you soon. Serge the hairdresser … For any information: call the IRMINE CLINIC directly: Tel. in France: (+33) or in Luxembourg: (+352) PLEASE NOTE: We are the only clinic to practice the 3D MAXIgreffe. .

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