9-year-old girl’s heroic act after mother loses consciousness

This morning, a 9-year-old Queensland girl is being hailed as a hero for taking action to save the life of her unconscious mother.

When her mother stopped breathing, Charli Johnson called Triple Zero and performed CPR for an amazing 17 minutes before paramedics arrived.

Thanks to the TV show Operation Ouch, Charli taught us what to do in a medical emergency.

Charlie Johnson (middle) with his mother Sharon (right) and ambulance operator Anne Barklemore (left). After Sharon died, Charlie called Triple Zero to save her mother’s life. (9 news)

“CPR will be displayed and you will be instructed to ring triple zero in an emergency,” she said.

“I remembered my address and my mother’s phone number.”

“I’m very proud,” said Sharon, who has recovered and feels better.

Ambulance operator Ann Barklimore, who took Charlie’s call, said the girl was one of the coolest callers she had ever heard.

Charli is hailed as a hero for her actions. (9 news)

“I needed her to know she wasn’t alone. I needed her to know I was here with her and meant to be with her.” said Barklemore.

“I also thought it was really necessary for Sharon to be okay because Charlie needs a mother around her to become a legend.”

Charli stayed focused on the task at hand and performed chest compressions for about 17 minutes.

Not only did Charlie alert the paramedics, but he gave the mother 17 minutes of CPR. (9 news)

Barklimore offered advice to any family watching who might be unhappy enough to find themselves in Charli’s situation.

“Take a deep breath, and be really clear about first your suburb, then your address, then your phone number,” she said.

“You can’t take an ambulance anywhere without knowing what’s going on. You have to know where the ambulance is first. They gave me.”

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9-year-old girl’s heroic act after mother loses consciousness

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