9 years in prison for a man who killed his 4-month-old son

Ambulance ambulance personnel discovered that Flynn was unresponsive, and doctors later diagnosed head and brain injuries and spinal cord bleeding, and found bruising wounds on his scalp and lower body. Flynn died four days later.

The 35-year-old Staples was imprisoned for nine years on Thursday and sentenced to seven years before being eligible for parole.

He pleaded guilty to the murder of a child, a crime similar to manslaughter applied to infants, but Staples must have been injured when Flynn fell from a changing table to a carpeted floor. Insisted for several weeks.

The Supreme Court heard that the day after Flynn was injured, Staples heard Ms. Hall and the police screaming from the baby’s room and found Flynn on the floor.

The next day, Ms. Hall ended their relationship when Staples discovered that he had bought alcohol with his son alone and drank a lot that night.

Doctors knew that Flynn’s injury wasn’t consistent with a fall from the diaper changing table, but when Staples told Ms. Hall that he was “too rough” with Flynn and he changed him. It was about five weeks later that he was defeated “quite hard” and the diapers and babies became quiet.

Judge Paul Cofran admitted that Staples had caused his son’s injury, but denied the baby’s shaking, but said he couldn’t remember exactly what happened.

“You will have to live with Flynn’s death and the consequences for other victims for the rest of your life,” he told him.

The judge found that Staples’ lies to Ms. Hall and her parents exacerbated his discomfort.

“The effects of Flynn’s death, especially the way it was caused, have been devastating and life-changing for them,” said Judge Cogran.


“It’s true that their lives will never be the same again.”

Staples was pleased to be a father, but the court heard that it was difficult, and even before his son was born, he drank a lot to deal with the social unrest he had experienced since his twenties.

He was later diagnosed with a personality disorder. Judge Cogran said that Staples’ personality traits made it difficult to express regret, but he understood the pain he caused.

The staples used to read gas meters and repair old cars have already been in use for 490 days.

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