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The beautification of our living space has become a collective attachment as the pandemic creates the home body for all of us. Monstera was purchased. The bookshelves are color coded.

I can understand it. “We are now spending 90% of our time at home,” says Monique Vuk, Interior Decorator at One Wolf Design, who is currently living in Melbourne’s second blockade. “And not all of us have north-facing windows. When we rented the property, we didn’t think we were going to spend so much time inside.

“We are really influenced by our surroundings, so it’s great to create a little ownership of them.”

So what’s an easy and cheap way to fall in love with a house we’ll never leave? To find out, we asked four interior designers to make the biggest changes they could make for less than $ 100.

light up

“The simplest and most cost-effective thing to consider for instant space transformation is lighting,” says Vuk. “A $ 10 light bulb can completely change the mood of a room, creating a dimension and mood.”

Many new bulbs can switch from warm light to cold light.Photo: Suriya Kankliang / Alamy Stock Photo

Lighting is either “cool” or “warm,” says Vuk. Warm lighting promotes “calmness, comfort and relaxation” and is ideal for relaxing spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. Cool light tends to make people feel more careful and is suitable for workspaces such as kitchens and studies.

“Personally, if the bulbs are too cold, it feels like you’re in the hospital,” says Vuk. “I’m drawn to warmer tones. It helps create mood lighting and a calm and cozy space.”

With this, if you find yourself in a terrible cold light right now, the good news is that you may not even have to spend money to fix it – Vuk is a lot of new bulbs today. Points out that you can actually switch cool and warm.

And in this WFH era, she recommends using lighting to separate your day. Use the lamp with a cooler bulb on your desk during working hours and turn it off when you’re done to help you mentally relax.

Change one important thing

When Tom Mark Henry’s Pier Watson bought his first apartment, he didn’t have much money left to refurbish it. So she looked for a small fix that could have a big impact.

“One of the things I did in the kitchen and bathroom was to remove and repaint the cabinets,” she says. “I also painted the splashback. It’s amazing how different the painting of existing fittings makes. It’s like a brand new kitchen.”

You can apply the same philosophy to the bathroom. “New toilet seats and new faucets can refresh the old space and make it a little more modern without having to redo the entire room,” says Watson.

Declatter and relocation

“”Most people taste good and taste too much, “says Penny Del Castillo of In Design International. What’s her advice? “Organize, organize what you already own, and spend $ 100 to arrange for trash picking.”

For Del Castillo, the problem is not necessarily that we have too much, but that we do not feel cohesive. “If you collect randomly along the way and some of them don’t work with each other, it’s possible that they aren’t too many. Physically, But that’s happening too much. It’s just a jumble, so there’s no theme or identity anymore. “

If there are 10 on the sideboard, she says, choose 3 or 4 to go with and move the rest. You may not even need to chuck that much – just rearrange things.

“It’s about putting together what looks like a family by color, material, and origin,” says Del Castillo. “If you have a Balinese mask, OK, the Balinese mask looks great, but it may not be next to the Portuguese rooster.”

Paint a (small) room

Sally Nibbs of Sally Caroline, Melbourne, says you can’t go through a paint coat if you’re looking for a high-impact, low-cost way to change your home.

She recommends wearing your overalls and repainting one room with a new color. “We did some projects that were pretty bold in blue or green, and it looks really beautiful.”

The room was painted in a dark blue shade.

Sally Knibbs recommends painting the ceiling as well as the walls to “commit” the colors. Photo: Hanohiki / Getty Images / iStockphoto

“But even if you feel a little nervous about the big colors, it can be a really light gray shade. And covering the entire room is really sweet, slightly from the standard white walls. It’s a big change. ”According to Knibbs, any shade of the ocean is fine, but avoid red, orange, and yellow.

This tip applies to small rooms such as the study or living room. Knibbs recommends keeping large living spaces white or off-white. Last but not least, Knibbs recommends painting ceilings, skirting boards and walls all in the same shade. “I love the idea of ​​accepting colors and really committing,” she says.

A $ 10 Light Bulb Can Completely Change The Atmosphere ”: Influential Home Repairs Under $ 100 | Life and Style

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