A 19-year-old woman discovers that her stepfather secretly photographed her in the bath for five years

Two years ago, a Welsh teenager, Lauren Brightwood, was a happy girl with a supportive family, including her stepfather Thomas’Craig’Lewis.

But on November 27, 2018, when Lauren enjoyed a bath and a “luxury night” prior to the celebration of his 18th birthday the next day, something strange behind the glass window above the bathroom door. I noticed something.

It was Lewis’s phone that had been in the form of her father since she was four years old.

Last month, Lewis pleaded guilty to two voyeur charges after the 2014-2018 incident. He admitted that Lauren had taken many shots since he was 13 years old. Wales online Report.

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Lewis initially refused to shoot Lauren after she and her mother Michelle confronted Lauren, and was checking her teens thinking she was crying, and she found his. He said it was a vacuum cleaner, not a phone.

However, he eventually built a cave, admitted that he was spying on her, and they reported him to the police.

Since the incident, Lauren has said that her life has “completely changed” and that she “will never completely trust people again.”

“I had never had anxiety attacks before, but now I’m suffering from anxiety, depression, and suicide thoughts. I’m another person. I look around the room and sometimes see if I have a camera. Before I confirm, I’m more vigilant if I enter a house I’ve never been to, “she said. Wales online..

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Lauren said Lewis “basically raised me”, they had a “normal father-daughter relationship” and her mother was now suffering from guilt for marrying him. ..

“I was traumatized. I can’t look back at the family photos together. I can’t think of a holiday because everything looks different, but I completely trusted him. It’s you That’s what we do in a relationship. I had him bathe her, “said Michelle. ..

To make matters worse, Michelle and Lauren cut off all contact with Lewis’ family and struggled financially.

But Lauren says he started an Instagram page and YouTube channel, hoping that talking about his experience could help others while he was struggling.

“It was hard, but I never regret what I said to my mom and the police,” she said.

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“Talking about it, writing about it, and hearing other people experiencing things really helped me. I want others to come forward. . “

Northamptonshire police detective Andrea Taylor praised Lauren’s courage, stating in a statement that Lewis’s actions were “very predatory.”

“This case took a long time to come to a conclusion, and I would like to commend the victims for her determination and courage at this time of seeing it to the end,” she said. It was.

“I hope the fact that Lewis has pleaded guilty to the crime provides her with some comfort and allows her to move her life forward.

“Lewis’ actions were very predatory. He completely violated the girl’s privacy and is pleased to be convicted. What he did was absolutely shameful, And I hope he will reflect on these terrible incidents for a long time to come. “

Lewis will be sentenced to the Northampton Criminal Court on Friday.

A 19-year-old woman discovers that her stepfather secretly photographed her in the bath for five years

Source link A 19-year-old woman discovers that her stepfather secretly photographed her in the bath for five years

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