A cyclist accused of ax attack and finger chop

A Sydney man was bitten by a finger after being threatened by an ax-wielding cyclist.

A 52-year-old man quit his job Sunday afternoon at Campsie in southwest Sydney when a cyclist opened his car door to the outside street while passing by.

Police claimed to have barely avoided the cyclist colliding with the door on Beamish Street, and before the cyclist stopped, the two were involved in a debate and escalated into a physical battle at around 5:20 pm. did.

Police claim that the cyclist returned shortly after leaving the area, armed with two large axes pulled from his duffel bag.

He allegedly threatened a man with an ax before walking out of the shopping center on Claremont Street, where he returned his weapon to his bag.

However, police said the man and his relatives chased the cyclist into a supermarket parking lot and stabbed him into the ground.

Police then claim that the man was involved in a brawl that bit his fingertips.

The cyclist fled the area, but after a while he was arrested by public order and morals and riot police on Evelyn Street in Campsie.

He was taken to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for assessment before being released by police at around 10:50 pm on Monday night.

He was charged with prosecutable crimes, general assault, armed with the intention of committing drug possession, and intentionally causing serious physical harm.

He was remanded to appear in the Burwood District Court on Tuesday.

The injured man will be treated at Bankstown Hospital and undergo middle finger surgery.

Place of originA cyclist accused of ax attack and finger chop

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