A flow of tribute to a young apprentice killed in the collapse of Curtin University’s building

Another 27-year-old worker was on the lower floor of the building when he was dragged into a falling structure and plunged 10 meters. He was in a stable condition at the hospital on Tuesday.

Hartshorne’s friends and family used social media to pay homage to his apprentices and described him as “loved and respected” and “a lovely young man.”

One family said, “I don’t understand how cruel life is.”

Another said, “When I first heard this in the news, I felt sick in my stomach and didn’t want to see or believe that I knew it. I can’t believe this is true. I miss Johnny’s boy. ” !! “

Security agents will return to the scene of the tragedy Wednesday morning after police were forced to bring in robots to recover the 23-year-old body overnight as additional parts of the building could collapse. is.

A scene where a building collapsed at Curtin University on Pasqual Huanora

Damian Clancy, the organizer of the Washington State Branch of the Electric Trade Union, witnessed a tragedy that occurred around 12:30 pm.

“I just heard this Almighty crash … I just saw steel and glass pouring down,” he said.

“I think there were two men there when I fell. There was one on the ground and he was moving and screaming, so I thought,’OK, he’s alive.’

“I threw the bag to the ground, just ran there, and then pondered it.

“One man and another were already rushing to help him, his legs were moving and I could hear him screaming. I couldn’t judge the extent of his injury. . “

Clancy said he had heard concerns from workers about roof load levels.

Workers are provided with counseling.

Workers are provided with Pasqual Huanora

“Lend lease seems to me [the builder] I was so familiar with the problem that I brought a surveyor here to measure the level of steel sagging after lifting about half of the glass last week. “

“They were reaching their limits and didn’t load all the glasses. You think you’d stop there, right?”


CFMEUWA’s Secretary of State Mick Buchan also said he had heard about safety issues.

“There will be a lot of explanations for what to do,” he said.

“What message does it send when you hear that a young worker who has just started his career in the construction industry has died at work? It’s an absolute shame. If someone is responsible and not responsible I can’t. “

Workers who have witnessed a traumatic scene are receiving counseling.

Building project manager Lend Lease issued a statement Tuesday night about an incident involving three subcontractors, stating that safety was the company’s top priority.

“We are deeply saddened by this tragic event and our immediate priority is to help our workers’ families, friends and colleagues,” said Dale Connor, CEO of Lendry’s Building. “.

“During this difficult time, the site remains closed and support is being provided to the Curtin University team.”

According to the statement, Lendrease was working closely with the authorities.

Heather McNeill is a senior journalist at WAtoday.

Fran is the editor of WA today

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Place of originA flow of tribute to a young apprentice killed in the collapse of Curtin University’s building

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