A flowering show will be held in spring

At the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, the scent of 70 sweet peas blooming in the Trial Gardens will be a memorable scent for visitors.

“They’re just the most international, universal and sentimental plants,” said Kate Burton, a horticultural supervisor. ’ there are those who say,

Horticultural supervisor Kate Burton and sweet pea shoots at the Royal Botanic Gardens coleman

Often marketed as the most nostalgic flower in late winter and early spring, sweet peas reminded German tourists Georg and Victoria Hartl of growing white sweet peas at their home in Augsburg, near Munich. . During his two months in Sydney, Mr. and Mrs. Hartl have been monitoring the flowering progress and are back to see it bloom this week. “They are great,” he said Georg.

Record rains killed many trees and plants this year, but botanical gardens at Mount Annan and Mount Toma in Sydney’s CBD have bounced back with a spring show, just in time to attract tourists as the weather warms. .

Parks and gardens across Sydney resonate with the scents of spring, from jasmine to wisteria, including the large pavilion at Maston Park in Chatswood.

At the Mount Annan Botanical Garden, visitors appear to be immersed in a 634-square-meter blanket of red and gold daisies, including a new type of daisy with a black center.

If a popular Instagram photo of a daisy seems to suggest that it is as tall as a 2-3 meter tall sweet pea, it’s trick photography.

Curator manager Michael Elgey said many visitors love taking selfies with the daisies. “People are kneeling in it, kneeling on the path, taking pictures from below,” he said.

A flowering show will be held in spring

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