A giant dragon egg appears in Melbourne’s Federation Square |

A giant egg that appeared on a Victorian beach along the Great Ocean Road appeared in Melbourne yesterday.

Anglesey beach residents spotted a surreal sight on Thursday that left many wondering what the big egg was doing on the town’s most popular beach.

Now the egg has moved from the sands to the city and found a home in Federation Square on Friday.

While many were at first wondering what was going on when they woke up to a strange sight, it’s now been revealed that Egg’s East Coast tour is in line with what’s next . game of thrones prequel series, House of the Dragonwill premiere on Binge and Foxtel* on August 22nd at 11am.

Earlier, Australian Outback Wrangler Matt Wright uploaded a video of an egg to his phone. Instagram Page said he was called to the scene to inspect the eggs, which he initially assumed were “reptilian” eggs.

“Wow, look at this. This must weigh at least a few tons,” Wright says in the video. “Big egg. I think this will require a little more muscle.”

Wright then did a FaceTime with his fellow Australian MMA fighter Thai ‘Bam Bam’ Tuibasa, and the two eventually decided it was a dragon egg.

“If you see an incandescent glow and an irregularly shaped protein film, I’m pretty sure it’s a dragon egg,” Tsuibasa says by phone.

Light then commanded the crew responsible for transporting the dragon eggs to the city.

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TV writer Ryan Condal previously revealed that the prequel will feature 17 dragons. This is a far cry from the original series, which only boasted Daenerys Targaryen’s 3 ultra-rare dragons.

And it looks like the dragon has officially landed in Australia.

*News Corp, the publisher of this website, is a majority owner of Binge.

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A giant dragon egg appears in Melbourne’s Federation Square |

Source link A giant dragon egg appears in Melbourne’s Federation Square |

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