A lady in Sydney says she’s talking about Kmart’s Christmas goodies.

A woman made a wild allegation about a talking Christmas toy she got at Kmart.

Nutrition coach Teneika Tanti took to social media to ask her followers if they shared the same opinion about her recent purchase.

A content creator from Sydney picked up some talking reindeer Christmas goodies at a recent local store. Kmart, And what happened next shocked me.

Press the toy’s tummy to play a hilarious rap tune.

The slang term eshay has grown in popularity in recent years and is usually used to describe young men from socio-economic suburbs who are predisposed to criminal and violent behavior while wearing sportswear.

The Australian word is similar to someone called ‘chav’ in the UK.

“So this toy belongs to Kmart. We just need to see if it says eshay or not.”

“Listen. Are you sure? I’m so lost. I swear.

Teneika’s followers went wild after she posted the clip.

The video went viral, garnering nearly 400,000 views in just a few hours.

“I could hear Eshei distinctly,” wrote one.

“That’s definitely saying Eshey, OMG,” said another.

“Then it’s 100% Australian reindeer.” tick tock User said.

However, some believed that he was simply saying “yes.”

“It states, ‘That’s right,'” wrote one.

“I can’t even hear Eschay.”

“It says ‘yes,’ but eshay would be interesting,” said another user.

“I think it says ‘Exactly,’ but it really sounds like eshay (laughs),” added another. reached out to Kmart for comment.

Earlier this year, another customer shared concerns after a sinister note was found inside a Kmart child’s toy.

The mother said she bought her son a toy at Kmart in Penrith, west of Sydney, but made a horrifying discovery when she got home.

It read, “You will die in ten days.”

The woman was upset by what she found.

“Absolutely disgusting people do this – especially with children’s toys,” she wrote on Facebook.

The mother added that her son was unable to read the note, but was disgusted by children who could have found and read this.

She added that she fears there are other messages hidden in the store.

Other social media users were also fed up with the note.

“What the fuck? It sucks. Seriously, what’s going on with people today,” one person commented.

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A lady in Sydney says she’s talking about Kmart’s Christmas goodies.

Source link A lady in Sydney says she’s talking about Kmart’s Christmas goodies.

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