A perfect workout for everyone, every time

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Why it stands out: Revolutionizing the way we work out and developed in Australia, this app has a worldwide following, especially in the US..

Jon Gregory has a degree in Applied Physics and enjoys finding ways to improve, revolutionize and make things more technical. For nearly a decade, Jon has been working to improve the way he trains with weights, using technology and metrics that help him make continuous progress and improvement.

“When I was working as a high-frequency trader, I used to work out at the gym during breaks,” he explains. “I’m a little perplexed. Why did you dedicate this entire room to weighing yourself? Basically, basic ‘silly’ steel that doesn’t really measure or monitor anything?”

“The new Vitruvian Teams feature is meant to create a strong sense of community.”

This conundrum prompted Jon to develop a machine that could move his whole body without taking up an entire room. “Imagine a piece of equipment that acts as a spotter and allows you to perform literally thousands of exercises with different attachments,” he enthuses. “It’s a very smart machine that measures your progress and tells you where you should be the next time you train, helping you improve and avoid fitness plateaus.”

Once John formulated the idea of ​​how the machine would work, with the help of renowned experts in the fields of physics, science and strength, and after much in-depth research and trial and error, the Vitruvian first created the product of His V-Form trainer launched in 2020. Bearing in mind the challenges he faced, he is proud that the business has come this far. “[The year] Of course, 2020 was a very difficult time to launch,” he says. “I’m a very face-to-face type and there are some team members I haven’t worked with yet.”

The Vitruvian Trainer + consists of a slim carbon fiber platform with two small, powerful motors inside. These motors use two retractable cables to provide weight resistance based on adaptive algorithm technology. The resistance they produce is tailored to each person and ranges from 0-200kg.

Vitruvian works through smart algorithms that constantly react to your movements. By reading your range of motion and speed, you can quickly adjust weights up to 50 times per second, acting as a spotter while also providing the optimum resistance for each rep.

“The first version of the Vitruvian app was just a tester,” John explains. “Since then, we’ve enhanced the app and made it more streamlined. We’ve also welcomed trainers from around the world to create programs that use both the Vitruvian Trainer+ and bodyweight exercises, so users can easily perform literally hundreds of workouts. can be accessed.”

John says Vitruvian isn’t just about helping people reach their health goals or sharing workouts, but about connecting people. Through the app, members can connect with each other and share their workout results. There is also a super competitive leaderboard.

Thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response from audiences around the world, and particularly strong support in the United States, the team is now looking to bigger innovations.

“We will be launching a gamified concept called Vitruvian PLAY this year,” explains Jon. “Initially he has four games, and more games will follow once his early user testing is complete.”

The new Vitruvian Team feature is meant to create a strong sense of community. “When members share their workouts with each other, they hold themselves accountable,” John says. “This feature allows users to build teams so they can work out together or challenge other teams. New models are coming soon. We are very excited about these concepts. All continue to guide us into the future of fitness and help people reach their training goals.”

This article first appeared in Issue 37 of the Inside Small Business Quarterly

A perfect workout for everyone, every time

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