A piece of wetsuit found in a search for “greatly loved” Esperance surfers

Snr-Sgt Tarasinski said Sharp was last seen in water and found two wetsuits where they were collected for DNA testing.


A very beloved member of the local community, Sharp surfs Friday morning at Kelp Bed Break, a popular surfing spot 15km east of Esperance when hit by a board and bitten by a shark. Was there.

Others in the water rushed to help him, and many witnesses provided a direct explanation of the horrific attack on the police, but Mr Sharp soon disappeared into the water.

Immediately after showing signs of a shark attack, a surfboard was launched on a nearby beach.

People known to Mr. Sharp have since shared inspiring comments on social media, describing surfers as “big guys,” “amazing friends,” and “family guys.”

“Without you, Esperance would be different. Think of all your family and friends going home with this very sad news,” the user writes.

“It hurts everyone involved,” another user commented.

Snr-Sgt Tarasinksi said police continued to deploy all available resources to find Mr Sharp and sent a heartfelt message of unity to the Esperance community.

“Esperance is a really small community and a close community. Unfortunately, I’m used to this happening,” he said.


“What I say to the Esperance community is to be attentive to each other, cross arms to make sure we care, and this time looking for Mr. Sharp’s family and all his close friends. is.”

From Wiley Head to Cape Le Grand National Park, the local beaches remain closed.

Esperance’s local Gary Johnson was scuba diving about 7 km from Qaruh Island on January 5, this year, and was taken to what appears to be a great white shark.

Johnson was in the water for about three minutes when he was attacked. The wife was taken to the shore by a rescue boat and was shocked by the ambulance crew.

When he was president of the Esperance Dive Club in 2017, Johnson shared his thoughts on the risks of diving and shark attacks in a Facebook post.

“Whenever people learn about my Esperance dive, the first question is necessarily whether I’m worried about being attacked by sharks,” he wrote.

“There is no doubt that we know that sharks are around. My friends are delighted to be informed of the latest sightings in different locations.”

Kelps Beds is the same break that 17-year-old surfer Laeticia Brouwer died in 2017 after being attacked by a shark.

In 2014, surfer Sean Pollard lost his arm and other hand in a shark attack at the same location.

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Place of originA piece of wetsuit found in a search for “greatly loved” Esperance surfers

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