ADHA Extends Accenture’s My Health Record Support Contract for $100 Million – Software

The federal government will pay Accenture $100 million to continue supporting My Health Record for an additional three years. This is intended to phase out the legacy infrastructure that supports the system.

Australia’s Digital Health Authority struck a deal with the consultancy on Friday bringing the total cost of the National Infrastructure Operator (NIO) deal to $741.2 million over 13 years.

The new contract is for two years from October 2019 and Another year in July 2021.

Accenture has held lucrative NIO contracts since 2011, when My Health Record was known as Personal Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR). We work with a consortium of suppliers such as Oracle and Orion Health to support the system.

An ADHA spokesperson said: iTnews The contract with Accenture was extended to “ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of the My Health Record system” as the National Infrastructure Modernization Program continues.

“NIO’s services currently support more than 60 technology infrastructure components that make up the core of the My Health Record system,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“Continued support and enhancement of these components is essential to enable agencies to respond to changing user requirements and government policy priorities while system components are continually being modernized or replaced. It is important.”

Under the modernization program, the agency has already Seeking a replacement for the Oracle API gateway that underpins electronic medical records Exchange and access health information using a scalable platform.

last year it was Contract with Deloitte to provide gateway Under an $18 million contract, it will be based on the latest web services and standards for healthcare information exchange and clinical terminology, such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

My Health Record Leveraging cloud-based platforms and open source softwareADHA recently migrated their systems to Microsoft Azure.

“The government agency migrated data to a government-certified strategic hosting service within the Microsoft Azure cloud in Australia, which meets the enhanced privacy, sovereignty and security requirements of highly sensitive Australian government systems. ‘ said the spokesperson.

The transition matches ADHA. Sensitive data migration and exit from Global Switch’s Sydney data center last monthwas temporarily delayed due to supply chain issues.

Home Office, Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Australian Communications and Media Authority, Transportation in New South Wales.

Once both initiatives are complete, services previously provided under the NIO agreement with Accenture “will be provided under other agreements,” the spokesperson said, and other services will be phased out in accordance with future market approaches. expected to be

“The extended contract includes terms that allow for the phasing out of NIO services as the national infrastructure is modernized, but until these changes are fully effective, security and trust We will ensure the continuity of our services,” said a spokesperson.

ADHA Extends Accenture’s My Health Record Support Contract for $100 Million – Software

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