Adobe announces new AI-powered customer experience features

Adobe has announced a new customer experience feature that leverages AI.

“2020 has radically changed the way brands think about digital. Consumers are increasingly shopping online, and digital is driving the economy,” the company says.

“This isn’t new in nature, but marketers are now forced to navigate unknown waters, effectively evolving their strategies for building customer loyalty.

“In a world where content is the lifeblood of any digital experience, understanding how content interacts with customers is critical to marketers who create great customer experiences,” he said.

“Adobe Experience Cloud is the only industry solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to integrate art and science, so content and data work together seamlessly.”

Earlier this year, Adobe announced Intelligent Services, a set of AI-as-a-Service tools designed by marketers to improve the customer experience.

“Intelligent Services, built on the Adobe Experience Platform and powered by Adobe Sensei (our AI technology), enables organizations that lack the right resources to achieve AI in a meaningful way that ultimately drives customer growth. “I will,” says Adobe.

“We are announcing new features that democratize AI within the organization and give brands access to smarter workflows and real-time scalability.”

Content and commerce AI
Brands today understand the importance of content, and to maximize its performance, they need a deep understanding of customer preferences to personalize accordingly. However, in many cases, too much data or too many assets can be screened, limiting the speed a brand can achieve and personalize.

Currently in beta, Content and Commerce AI helps brands understand the context of content performance in the market by providing insights and guidance on content features such as color and subject matter.

Brands can combine the capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager with Content and Commerce AI to automatically extract keywords and tags from documents and content fragments, and label documents and images with custom AI models. This process used to take a lot of time and manual work. .. Early pilots said Adobe found that brand engagement increased by more than 15% with personalized content based on AI-driven intelligent content and commerce.

Customer AI with real-time CDP
Adobe wants its marketing team to build loyalty and provide a customer experience that attracts new customers. The best way to achieve that is to access a wealth of customer data.

Marketers often challenge access to that data because of different technologies and organizational silos.

Adobe’s real-time CDP bridges marketing and IT, helping brands find meaning in a variety of datasets, from CRM to online analytics to offline point of sale (POS). Brands currently available can now leverage customer AI within Adobe’s real-time CDP to analyze historical and real-time data to dig deeper into the underlying reasons behind customer action. It was.

Real-time CDP Customer AI helps brands understand and predict customer trends such as conversion and churn potential and why they are behind their behavior.

Adobe announces new AI-powered customer experience features

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