Advancing Ukrainian forces capture cutting-edge Russian tanks

The Kremlin’s sluggish war machine then took another hit Ukrainian The military said it had captured one of Russia’s most advanced tanks for the first time.

A photo of a T-90M tank seized during fighting in the Kharkov region was posted on social media this week by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

It was one of the advanced weapons abandoned by the Russian military during the Ukrainian lightning counterattack over the past few weeks.

Ukraine says it has seized an intact Russian T90M tank for the first time after fighting in the Kharkov area. (twitter)

“Russian latest tank T-90M was found in Kharkov region in perfect condition. We ask its owner to contact #UAarmy. Identify yourself with a sign: white flag,” it said. The Ukrainian Defense Twitter posting site said.

The tank will be towed by the Ukrainian military and may be inspected by US military experts to learn more about the latest Russian battlefield technology.

The T-90M is the most advanced tank that Russia deployed during its invasion of Ukraine.

Before the invasion of Ukraine, the tank was often shown at military parades and in state media to show off what the Kremlin claimed was Russia’s advanced military.

The vehicle has an improved turret and cannon, as well as modern Russian thermal sights and reactive armor.

Earlier this month, Ukraine launched a counteroffensive, pushing into territory around its second-largest city, Kharkov.

Videos and photos show Ukrainian forces seizing tanks, ammunition and other weapons, leaving Moscow behind in an apparently chaotic retreat.

A Ukrainian soldier stands over the wreckage of a Russian tank in the recently recaptured Kharkov area. (AP)

Also, Ukraine is now deploying captured Russian tanks to cement gains in the northeast amid an ongoing counteroffensive, a US think tank said.

The War Research Institute, citing Russia’s allegations, said Ukraine had used Russian T-72 tanks in an attempt to invade the Russian-occupied Luhansk region.

Ukrainian soldiers hug as Russians retreat

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Advancing Ukrainian forces capture cutting-edge Russian tanks

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