AFL 2022 News: Wayne Carey talks Anthony Stevens hideout, North Melbourne reunion, cheating scandal

AFL legend Wayne Carey has broken his silence over a reported altercation with former teammate Anthony Stevens during their Premier League reunion in North Melbourne.

More than 20 years after Carey was kicked out of Kangaroo after a cheating scandal with Stevens’ then-wife, SEN journalist Sam Edmund said the two clashed at a gathering of former players in the North on Saturday night. I reported.

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According to Edmund, when the North Melbourne premiership met at Yarraville’s Railway Hotel in 1996, there was an “ugly altercation” between Carey and Stevens.

“It’s a pretty sad sequel,” Edmund said on SEN’s Dwayne World.

“According to eyewitnesses, Dwayne, Carrie went to Stevens and accused Stevens of talking behind his back and telling people not to go out of their way to catch up with him and tell people it was fine to his face.

“Witnesses accused Carey of going to Stevens and telling people he was talking behind the scenes and not being able to reach them and not bothering to catch up with him, but that he was actually fine. Told.”

On Wednesday, Carey broke her silence on the report and explained what happened Saturday night.

“The first story that was told hit, but it’s factually not true. It didn’t hit,” Carey told Triple M.

“There was a solid conversation – I think the altercation is too strong to say it happened.

“I wanted to talk about Stevo, but I was worried about him. I felt bad.

“I said I was worried. I want him to take care of me the way people want me to take care of them.

“It was a huge altercation, it was a fistfight, and then we left there and everyone was mad at everyone. It was a big deal. It’s completely wrong. It is unfortunate.

“It wasn’t and still isn’t a story.

“I hope this has been blown again and cleaned up for what it wasn’t.

“I don’t quite understand why it should always be said. It doesn’t make sense.

“(Sam) was disappointed by this.

“You know Sam? We all have bad days. You’re in shock.”

Carey admitted it’s well known that he and Stevens are “not best friends,” but felt Edmund only reported half the story on Monday.

“What he forgot was the end of the night, evening, late afternoon, or whatever it was, Stevo and I actually had a couple of beers together and left together,” he said. rice field.

“We were standing in the front waiting for each Uber to leave a particular venue.

“We seem to have had this massive blow-up and altercation, which, as he said, apparently resulted in an untrue blow.”

Stevens was absent from the Motorcade celebrations for fans in North Melbourne’s premiership squad on Sunday. Carey doesn’t think the decision had anything to do with the conversation between the two of her.

“I don’t know if Stevo was upset the next day. That’s why he didn’t show up in the motorcade,” Carey said.

“What I know about it, my understanding, and I’ve talked to Arch (Glenn Archer), I’ve talked to Kingy (David King), I’ve talked to Stevo and a bunch of other players that I’m close with. Of all the players I’m close with, Stevo was not good.

“He had a reasonable night. did.

“If there’s a big problem and this big thing happens and it upsets all my former teammates and everyone else, on Sunday I’m going to sit down with Darren Crocker and sit down with Daniel Laidley. , sat with Glenn Archer, sat there with Sholly (Craig Sholl), all and some are true mutual friends of the two of us – when I overturned the apple cart, If they were really disappointed with what happened that day, it didn’t happen the next day.

Carey admitted that the report did not irritate him.

“This really hurts every time. So when Dill, like Sam, over-exaggerates what happened and who it affects.

“What he doesn’t realize is that it’s affecting Stevo’s daughters, my daughters. He’s really young, so it’s not my son. That’s what these types are.

“Even if Steve and I had a solid conversation, who cares? How is that a real story?

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AFL 2022 News: Wayne Carey talks Anthony Stevens hideout, North Melbourne reunion, cheating scandal

Source link AFL 2022 News: Wayne Carey talks Anthony Stevens hideout, North Melbourne reunion, cheating scandal

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