AFL News 2022: Gillon McLachlan, Alastair Clarkson, Chris Fagan, investigation into Hawthorne scandal


AFL boss Gillon McLachlan spoke out about the ongoing Hawthorne scandal in an open and honest interview Thursday night.

The soon-to-be-retired Boss joined the AFL 360 Desk and sat between hosts Gerald Waitley and Mark Robinson to answer a number of questions about the scandal.

Bomb report released by ABC on Wednesday Senior staff at Hawthorn Football Club are said to have called for the First Nations player’s departure. from their partners.

McLachlan confirmed that the league has begun the process of forming an independent panel to consider findings from Hawthorne’s report.

Waitley and Robinson did not hold back on McLachlan lightly, and Waitley was quick to ask if the report contained anything worse than what was reported.

“Hawthorne’s external report clearly spoke to 20 Aboriginal players from this era. We are currently reading three case studies. Is there anything else that forms the ?” Waitley asked.

While making sure not to reveal anything obvious from the report, McLachlan noted that what was reported was of a similar nature to the rest of the report.

“You have to be careful, this is a confidential report. In fact, there was in many ways more and more substance in yesterday’s paper than in the report,” he said.

“But there are also additional parts of the report that have not yet been announced.

with Alastair Clarkson Chris Fagan It denied any wrongdoing in the allegations that rocked the AFL world on Wednesday morning.

Clarkson’s Kangaroo move postponedin the meantime Fagan agreed to rest Lyons.

The most vexing allegations center around one case mentioned in the report.details how one player claimed Clarkson and Fagan attended a meeting and were told to get rid of their partner and unborn child – then move to live with a member of the club’s staff. increase.

Others claim they were forced to remove their SIM cards from their phones and replace them with new ones in order to cut ties with their partners and focus on their football careers.

The review was passed to senior management at Hawthorn two weeks ago and is now in the AFL Integrity Unit.

Read the full transcript below from McLachlan’s interview with Mark Robinson and Gerald Waitley.

Given time again, would you and Hawthorne handle this differently, especially for open-ended allegations?

“We feel we are in a very difficult situation, so we had no input, no control, no ability to shape a part of how we handled it.

“I think that distinction needs to be made pretty clear. So there were reports of a series of interviews commissioned by Hawthorne, but I’m not sure how much visibility they had in that process. I had no vision.

“I started asking a few things and reached out to see if Hawthorn felt like they were giving everyone an opportunity or if they felt they were above the reports they were processing and they said yes. I got feedback that it was and the report arrived.

“And I think we covered this about a week ago. The reports have arrived and we still don’t know who the people are complaining about today. Until then it’s hard to start the process.” But we greatly respect their courage to do so and hope they get the support they need.

“We are committed to getting to the bottom of this issue. And what we have to do is eradicate these allegations.”

Have you talked to Alastair Clarkson and Chris Fagan?

“I spoke with them this week.

“But there is an independent process where your version is heard and you have to get to the bottom of it, but there is a process to talk about it.

“I think this is going to be very difficult for everyone. I wish you all the best. In the same way, I’m reaching out to the other side to make sure they get the support they need.”

The accuser has anonymity, whereas Clarkson and Fagan do not. Worried that the damage is already done?

“I am very careful not to reduce what I say. We are grateful to these people for telling their stories. increase.

“But it’s obviously hard to make allegations like that without another side of the story.

“Last night, I spoke to some Indigenous boys about this. As we talked about the process from here on out, they said they used the forums when something was said or brought up about them. I feel hopeful, those claims were tested before they were put into action, and I think we all want that.”

Will you stay there during this investigation?

“I met with KC and senior folks today as part of the panel interview process and asked them how long they thought it would take. It’s months. Months.

“We have to do this well. We have to get people talking.

“The allegations are very serious, livelihoods are at stake, and people who have been deeply traumatized need to address this issue.

“All responsibility ultimately lies with the authority of this office, so there are certainly fair questions.

Have you told North and Brisbane about Clarkson and Fagan not coming to the start next year?

“I’m not talking about it because it’s a pre-determined thing and a guess.

“I have certainly spoken to both clubs and where they landed yesterday was certainly in line with what I thought was appropriate. Allegations, and the seniority of those involved.

“They have taken a leave of absence and are waiting for the investigation to be completed.

first published as AFL boss Gillon McLachlan answers questions about the Hawthorne scandal.

AFL News 2022: Gillon McLachlan, Alastair Clarkson, Chris Fagan, investigation into Hawthorne scandal

Source link AFL News 2022: Gillon McLachlan, Alastair Clarkson, Chris Fagan, investigation into Hawthorne scandal

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