Airport intersection in front of and in the center of ICAC inquiry

Lobbying to move through intersections and rezoning the area to the west of the airport was an important part of Wagga’s former Liberal Party corruption investigation.

Over the past three weeks, Parliamentarian Magwire has heard allegations that he has agreed to “oil the wheels” of Raidler Waterhouse by connecting her with Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian and her minister.

After that, MP Darryl Magwire and Louise Raidler ICAC

In late 2017, Magwire attempted to use the lounge of the Prime Minister’s Capitol office to stage an audience of landowners with then-Road Minister Melinda Pavie.

A former parliamentary liaison said at a hearing last week that he sat with Mr. Magwire and Mr. Raidler Waterhouse for about 25 minutes to discuss changing the “metropolitan area” boundary between land and intersections.

About six months later, Magwire invited Raidler Waterhouse to a general briefing on plans for western Sydney with Sarah Hill, then Chief of the Greater Sydney Commission.


Racing heirs wanted to rezone the western area of ​​the airport. The status of “Metropolitan Rural” hinders many of her development proposals.

After leaving the meeting, Ms. Hill was so angry that the race heir bounced off her and she was moved to warn then-Planning Minister Anthony Roberts.

It was also revealed on Monday that Mr. Magwire notified the premiere that he would meet Mr. Raidler Waterhouse using the office lobby.

One of the phone calls intercepted involved then-parliamentarian Magwire, who told Beregikrian in September 2017 that he “finally finished his work at Valleis Creek.”

“I’ll make enough money to pay off my debt. That’s a good thing,” Magwire told the Prime Minister. “Can you believe it in one sale?”

“I can believe it,” Bellezi Klean replied.

The premiere has not been accused of cheating.

She reiterated to IACC on Monday, telling Mr. Magwire that he was a big speaker and that his plans were “always unsuccessful.”

At a press conference Monday after submitting the evidence, Mr. Beregikrian claimed that Mr. Magwire could not benefit personally from lobbying.

“He went many times, but nothing happened,” she said.

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Lucy Cormac is a political reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald state.

Matt O’Sullivan is the City Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Place of originAirport intersection in front of and in the center of ICAC inquiry

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