Aldi Catalog Screening

“I’m worried about this,” thinks Peter Hayes of Port Macquarie. “I thought there was a future. I read real books and avoided all kinds of e-readers. Man Herald In my front yard every morning. Still, yesterday I was reading Aldi’s catalog (what the man left in the front yard) and was trying to load the ad, but the image was too small and I instinctively tried to use the reverse pinch. .. Spread gestures for use on the iPad or phone. What’s next? Am I in the Matrix? “

Evan Bailey of Glebe suspects Philip Moore “using his creative primary color refrigerator magnet (C8) to confuse Paul Klee with Piet Modernian. This is a visual art. Is it the case of the empty ear? “

Steve Coleman’s “Less Ninja” (C8) comment has a fan of Tonbay, a mist who drew a sword. Kiama’s Mickey Plugnel recalls that Tonbay was “a tapping hand with a star knife, as was the case with many of Koga’s head villains.” According to Lane Cove’s Jeff Lions, this allows Shintaro to “wipe the blade clean with his thumb and forefinger and slice the cushion clean in the center before returning the sword to its sheath.” George can sleep soundly.

Queenscliff’s Margaret Halley offers this egg corn (C8). .. “

“Don’t worry about the old address (C8). I’m still confused about the 1974 photo taken as an instamatic transparency on the iPhone a few years ago,” said Bob Edgar of Westmead. say. “The original is in a box on top of a wardrobe that has been around for decades.”

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