Alex Jones: The Sandy Hook family seeks punitive damages in excess of $4.1 town shooting

Attorney for parents of children who died in 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting A Texas jury is due to present evidence on Alex Jones’ property on Friday, and they’re seeking punitive damages in excess of $4.1 million. Secure 1 day in advance Because of the lies of US conspiracy theorists about the genocide.

On Thursday, a 12-member jury found that a right-wing broadcaster had spread a conspiracy theory about the Dec. 14, 2012 murder of 20 children and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Jones said he had to pay his parents $4.1 million in compensatory damages. The claim was a hoax.

The verdict follows a two-week trial in Austin, texashome of Jones’ radio show and webcast Infowars.

Neil Heslin and Scarlett LewisThe parents of murdered 6-year-old Jesse Lewis are also seeking punitive damages. This, in addition to compensation, may be awarded for what the jury believes to be particularly egregious behavior by the defendant.

A financial expert is scheduled to testify on their behalf on Friday before the jury deliberates again.

Heslin and Lewis’ attorney, Mark Bankston, said after Thursday’s compensation ruling: [other pending legal matters], it is clear that Mr. Jones’ era on the American stage is finally coming to an end. ”

Heslin and Lewis testified that Jones’ followers had harassed them for years on the false belief that their parents were lying about their son’s death.

While acknowledging that Sandy Hook was “100% real,” Jones tried to distance himself from conspiracy theories during his testimony, saying he was sorry if he hurt his parents’ feelings.

‘It’s 100% real’: Alex Jones admits Sandy Hook shooting wasn’t faked – video

The parents’ attorney, Kyle Farrar, urged jurors in closing arguments Wednesday to hold Jones liable for profiting from his son’s death.

Jones’ attorney, Federico Andino Raynal, told jurors Wednesday that Infowars reported Sandy Hook “irresponsibly”, but that his client was not responsible for the behavior of viewers. rice field.

Jones’ company, Free Speech Systems LLC, declared bankruptcy last week. Jones said on Monday’s broadcast that the application would help the company continue broadcasting while it appeals.

The bankruptcy declaration has suspended similar but much larger defamation lawsuits filed by several Sandy Hook families in Connecticut. I am also facing

Jones could also face perjury charges later One of the most memorable episodes of the Austin trialBankston revealed to the defendant in a civil suit that his legal team had “messed up” and provided “every text message” Jones had written in the past two years.

These messages contained text that apparently contradicted claims Jones made under oath in an earlier deposition that he had nothing on the phone regarding the Sandy Hook massacre. Bankston said he notified Jones’ attorney of the apparently erroneous leak, but that the defense took no action to label the communication as “privileged.”

Bankston on Thursday Said A congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol had asked him to provide the panel with a text from Jones, a prominent supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Pro-Trump mob carried out attack on Capitol, commission wants to reveal what communications the deposed president’s team made may have been with jones.

Bankston said he intends to comply with the request unless a judge orders otherwise and could be told as early as Friday.

Alex Jones: The Sandy Hook family seeks punitive damages in excess of $4.1 town shooting

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