Alibaba Cloud unveils international business roadmap

Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence arm of Alibaba Group, unveiled its latest international strategic roadmap at the 2022 Alibaba Cloud Summit.

At the three-day summit, cloud providers announced several new products, a US$1 billion investment to upgrade their global partner ecosystem, and enhanced offerings to provide comprehensive support throughout their customers’ digital journeys. Clarified customer service.

As more enterprises migrate to the cloud and demand for cloud services in hybrid environments increases, Alibaba Cloud leverages its proven infrastructure products worldwide, including multi-model cloud-native databases and distributed cloud services. I made it possible. This new set of products aims to provide enterprise customers with a wide range of cloud services covering networking, storage and computing.

A newly available network service, Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) 2.0, provides global intelligent networking to support the international expansion of enterprises.

CEN 2.0 offers higher availability, lower latency, enhanced security features, and support for ultra-large network capabilities with more flexible enterprise pricing options than its predecessor.

Alibaba Cloud also launched a storage product called ESSD Auto PL. It provides block storage services and supports auto-scaling in seconds to help businesses cope with sudden spikes in traffic.

As the world’s leading elastic block storage product with autoscaling capabilities, it delivers up to 1 million IOPS (input/output operations per second), well above the industry average.

Alibaba Cloud also introduced ACK One (Alibaba Cloud Distributed Cloud Container Platform), a multi-region and multi-cluster container management platform that provides enterprises with a consistent management, delivery and operational experience.

It enables users to implement container cluster management, resource scheduling, data disaster recovery, and application delivery through a unified platform, whether in public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises environments.

ACK One is the latest addition to ACK Anywhere, Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes.

Earlier this year, Alibaba Cloud was named the Forrester Wave Public Cloud Container Platform Q1 2022 Leader for the first time among eight key industry players evaluated.

Alibaba Cloud has also enhanced computing, storage, network and security capabilities.

For example, the recently announced Cloud Infrastructure Processing Unit (CIPU), a dedicated processing unit designed for the Apsara Cloud operating system, can reduce network latency down to 5 microseconds. It also delivers a 30% increase in compute power performance for data-intensive AI and data analytics scenarios.

Finally, CloudBox integrates Alibaba Cloud’s public cloud infrastructure technology to support enterprise needs for hybrid cloud. It helps enterprises provide fully managed cloud services for deployment close to their customers’ business premises.

CloudBox is Alibaba Cloud’s public cloud, providing a consistent experience while meeting enterprise demands for on-premises data processing and low-latency computing. CloudBox is designed for multinational companies doing business in China.

With a revamped ecosystem strategy, Alibaba Cloud announced a commitment to invest US$1 billion over the next three fiscal years to support partners’ innovation and market expansion with Alibaba Cloud. The investment consists of financial and non-financial incentives such as funding, rebates and go-to-market initiatives.

Alibaba Cloud also launched the Regional Accelerator program to accelerate partner growth by providing localized business collaboration models for partners operating in different markets.

The model is designed based on factors such as market technological maturity, vertical focus, digitization needs, and business demands.

Alibaba Cloud ecosystem partners such as resellers, technology partners (ISV, SaaS, SI), service and consulting partners can benefit from this program.

“Partners have always been a key focus for Alibaba Cloud,” said Selina Yuan, Intelligence International President, Alibaba Cloud.

“Our revamped partner strategy prioritizes partner growth. By continuing to support our partners in expanding their business, we can build a comprehensive ecosystem that benefits our partners and customers.”

Alibaba Cloud has upgraded its collaboration model with ISV partners to address the complexities of their international business operations. Its focus is on enhancing industry collaboration, standardizing the go-to-market process, and accelerating the integration of technology solutions to increase efficiency.

Going forward, Alibaba Cloud hopes to recruit more ISVs in financial services, retail, internet, and manufacturing to co-develop products and support customer innovation.

Alibaba Cloud currently works with nearly 11,000 partners around the world, including Salesforce, VMware, Fortinet, IBM, and Neo4j.

Alibaba Cloud also launched a global delivery and service program to provide all customers with comprehensive cloud-based solutions and services.

Under this program, the company has opened three customer service centers in Kuala Lumpur, Porto and Mexico City to assist customers in their cloud adoption journey and provide timely and regional cloud migration and consulting services. .

In addition, Alibaba Cloud has established three service delivery centers in Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Hong Kong to provide additional technical support for regional offices and customer project delivery in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Africa.

During the summit, Alibaba Cloud signed nearly 30 agreements to help customers and partners accelerate their digital innovation capabilities using leading cloud computing technologies.

Alibaba Cloud, in collaboration with JP Games, a Japanese game development studio, has announced a series of new services to create virtual spaces and realistic avatars for customers around the world who challenge the Metaverse.

Alibaba Cloud has collaborated with Thai metaverse company MetaverseXR to roll out a comprehensive metaverse solution suite for the Thai market.

Alibaba Cloud is also partnering with Myanmar’s UMG Group to drive the country’s digital transformation, especially in traditional industries.

Along with Singapore’s BeLive and VisionTech, Alibaba Cloud is expanding its regional outreach in the media and fintech sectors.

Alibaba Cloud has teamed up with New Zealand-based blockchain infrastructure provider OnFinality to provide robust cloud computing capabilities and a robust global network for Web 3.0 developers looking to scale globally.

Alibaba Cloud unveils international business roadmap

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