Amazon’s latest Lightning Deal is for Apple AirPods Pro

To get discounts through Amazon with Apple’s superb AirPods Pro headphones, you really need to act very quickly.

Hey, have you ever heard that Apple’s gear is cheaper, even though it’s still up to date?


Well, that rarely happens.

Apple is renowned for giving third-party retailers the finest margins possible for their highly desirable technology wear. As a result, discounts on real Apple products are rarely seen. Most retailers can’t afford to lower the price of something with the Apple logo.

No one told Amazon this, or perhaps Jeff Bezos jumped into his vast box of money this morning and decided it was a bit full. Regular prices range from $ 399 to $ 299. It’s a full $ 100 discount. which is good. Very, very, very, very good. Just say.

If you’re on the fence about getting a pair of AirPods Pro, this Amazon deal should be enough to put you into action-before you pair them with the shiny new iPhone 12 Will have them. !! !!

Trading is valid from 2pm AEST to 4pm or until the stock runs out. Smart money says it won’t last that long.

Get your Amazon AirPods Pro set from Amazon today for just $ 299.

If you’re hitting a wall about whether the AirPods Pro is really worth it, you can read Tegan’s complete Australian review here.

Personally, I don’t need persuasiveness. You need to be careful not to let another pair of AirPods Pros pass through the washing machine.

Amazon’s latest Lightning Deal is for Apple AirPods Pro

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