Ana de Armas goes crazy for nude scenes with blondes

Ana de Armas is “disgusted” that her nude scenes from the highly anticipated Netflix movie “Blonde” are likely to go viral on the internet.

blondeBased on the fiction that took Marilyn Monroe’s life, debuts on the streaming service on Sept. 28.

talk variety“We know what goes viral,” said the 34-year-old actress, who was the first to feature the scene. .

“And it’s disgusting. Just the thought of it makes me excited. I can’t control it. ‘ she continued.

The actress added that the movie is outside her comfort zone, but she did it for the film’s director, Andrew Dominic, and the iconic Monroe. I did it for her, and I did it for Andrew,” she said.

De Armas is dedicated to embodying Marilyn Monroe, even visiting her graveyard during filming.

“I couldn’t shake it off.

blonde After receiving an NC-17 rating (usually equivalent to Australia’s ‘R’ rating), de Armas was confused.

of American Film Institute If the film contains gratuitous violence, lewd sex and/or nudity, and harsh language, we generally give the film a rating of NC-17. The NC-17 rating is different from the R rating. Minors under the age of 17 can see R-rated movies in theaters when accompanied by an adult, as they are not allowed at all in NC-17 movies.

Cuban actress doesn’t understand why blonde She was given such a rating, claiming that she had seen films with more lewd content.

“I didn’t understand why that happened,” she said in L’Officiel’s cover story. blonde.

She understood that the film contained explicit scenes, but realized that they were necessary to tell the story the film was trying to tell.

“To tell this story, it’s important to show every moment in Marilyn’s life that ended her like that. I had to explain,” she said. “Everyone [in the cast] I knew I had to go to some uncomfortable place. I wasn’t the only one. ”

De Armas has appeared before knife outWhen blonde It’s her first starring role. When her casting was announced, Monroe’s fans disputed the studio’s decision to cast her on the grounds that she spoke English with a Cuban accent.

She doesn’t allow the criticism surrounding her accent to affect her or add more pressure than she already felt, and no one feels pressured when playing such an iconic figure. She further explained that her performance was not an imitation, but a way of gaining insight into the icon’s state of mind at the time.

“I’m proud of Andrew’s trust and the opportunity to make it happen. I think everyone should feel the pressure, whether you’re a Cuban or an American actress,” said de Armas. .

The actress has the support of the Marilyn Monroe Estate, whose agent Mark Rosen said. variety Although the estate has not sanctioned the film, “Anna was a great casting choice because she captures Marilyn’s charm, humanity and vulnerability.”

blonde is scheduled to arrive on Netflix on September 28th and is the streaming platform’s first NC-17 rated film.

This story was originally fox news Republished here with permission.

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Ana de Armas goes crazy for nude scenes with blondes

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