Andrews accuses the virus of “depriving people of their freedom”

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has distracted criticism for implementing the strict restrictions on the coronavirus itself, which have been criticized for depriving Victorians of personal liberty. “I thought it was the government that robbed people of their freedom. The virus robbed people of their freedom,” he said. Andrews investigated on Sunday whether it would be fair for companies not to relax restrictions on business operations as previously planned, and said it was unfair to do so “because it will be closed again.” .. “If you open, there’s nothing fair to anyone, because you’re pressured to do so and science doesn’t support it,” he said. “No business, big or small, will benefit from operating for a very short period of time. Only then will the rules and restrictions be pinballed in and out and closed until 2021.”

Place of originAndrews accuses the virus of “depriving people of their freedom”

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