Andy Lee’s argument with girlfriend Rebecca Harding goes on air

Andy Lee may be considered one of the funniest guys on Australian TV, but a joke was thrown at him in an excruciatingly awkward prank call on the radio.

Aired on Kyle and Jackie O’Shaw On Monday morning, the 41-year-old Australian comedian told his longtime girlfriend Rebecca Harding, 31, during a phone chat that he had signed him up to speak at a last-minute charity gig. did.

Things quickly go from bad to worse when Lee, who says he quit the intense meeting to answer Harding’s call, flatly refuses help.

Here’s how it went down:

Rebecca: I have [bleep] please, they pulled someone out [of an event] And they need a celebrity to do this thing in the office tomorrow night and I said you can do it, it takes 15 minutes.

Andy: Nupu. Absolutely no. I don’t care how long it is.

R: You have to auction yourself off to go to lunch with one of the girls…

A: (laughs) No, not God.

R: I told her what you were doing.

A: Please tell her I will put it back. i’m not doing that

R: It will be good publicity The 100 [Lee’s show].

A: (Laughter) 80 people… I could walk down the street handing out leaflets. She knows she can be a sticky friend, but she’s not.

R: I told her you could do it, so you’re doing it. Tomorrow night you have 15 minutes.

A: You explained the appointment you had planned to me, but I didn’t do it.

R: Because it’s for charity…if you don’t do it, you’re an idiot.

A: I’m not f***ing d**k. I didn’t say I would.

R: I said you can do it. It’s a last minute thing for a friend.

A: Please call someone else.get contestants from MAFSMoreYou can participate with my cardboard clippings.

R: Then can you date me?

A: No… what is the charity?

R: I’m not sure – I haven’t heard.

A: It’s also another thing and the answer is no. And we don’t even know what charity is.

R: Please allow 15 minutes

A: That’s your problem, not mine. Enjoy your problem.

Harding revealed that she was “just lying” and that it was all a practical joke. Kyle and Jackie O’Shawa stunned Lee replied, “Oh my god, I can’t believe I fell for this.”

Lee had previously pranked Harding in a similar fashion on the show. In it, he was heard telling his girlfriend that he “regretted” getting a new puppy and that he wanted to get rid of it.

She said she remained “trembling with anger” after the exchange.

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Andy Lee’s argument with girlfriend Rebecca Harding goes on air

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