Angricare Australia Jobs Snapshot: Not enough jobs to meet demand

More than 100 job seekers are competing for low-skilled jobs across Australia, according to a new survey.

The situation is the toughest in Tasmania, with 20 unemployed competing for each available job.

In South Australia, there are 10 job seekers for all entry-level jobs, except those with experience.

Angricare Australia’s latest job listing snapshot shows that more people with job barriers, such as age, education and disability, are competing for less jobs, said executive director Kasey. Chambers says.

“There aren’t enough skill-level jobs in any part of the country to meet demand,” Chambers said.

“In total, there are an astonishing 106 job seekers for each entry-level job.”

media_cameraA new Anglicare Australia report shows that the number of jobs suitable for low-skilled workers is declining. Photo: NCA NewsWire / David Geraghty

The numbers in the report show that 606 entry-level jobs were promoted in May, but 1,442,760 people used the federal Jobactive program.

In 2019, six low-skilled workers across the country were competing for all low-skilled jobs compared to eight this year.

Ms. Chambers said that many people looking for jobs in areas such as hospitality, retail, cleaning, sales and labor are elderly.

“If we’re serious about helping people, we need to create jobs that fit their skills, rather than just competing for jobs that aren’t there,” she says. I did.

The new unemployment rate will be announced on Thursday.

The unemployment rate fell to 6.8% in August but is expected to peak around December.

Ian Yates, CEO of the Aging Council, said that older Australians who are not working are “disastrous individuals” when they are forced to spend their retirement savings before receiving welfare. He said he was facing a “situation”.

“Australia needs urgent action, or it will drive a huge group of women, mostly women, into poverty in old age,” Yeats said.

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Angricare Australia Jobs Snapshot: Not enough jobs to meet demand

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