Angry protesters reject royal mourning

One of the protesters, Camilla Roy woman Mylene Slater Burns, said that for decades, before Aboriginal peoples seeking a day of mourning, acknowledged national grief over the monarch’s death Said he flew.

“Our people, we need a day of mourning to acknowledge our suffering. Slater Barnes, wearing a hat, said.

Nearly 500 supporters of Uncle Charlie and Indigenous Rights have rejected a holiday commemorating the death of Queen Elizabeth Hopkin

She pointed to Prime Minister Daniel Andrews’ election pledge this week to replace the Aboriginal name of the rebuilt Maroonda Hospital with a tribute to the Queen as a “step back” and a “painful message” to Indigenous peoples.

“Dan Andrews … needs to think seriously about the decisions he is making and whether they are in the best interests of Indigenous peoples. Are you on your side in battle?” said Slater Burns.

Addressing the crowd, Aboriginal rights activist Gary Murray said he believed Australia was “bound” to refuse to associate with the monarchy.

His grandfather, Sir Douglas Nicholas, was the first Aboriginal person to be knighted in Australia. Murray did not believe the title, but said he brought “extra weapons” to Nicholas for negotiations.

Murray said age He advocated the need to continue fighting for Aboriginal self-determination and sovereignty.

“[The monarchy] That doesn’t apply,” he said. “As indigenous peoples, we have to put our political system in order.”


Activist and academic Gary Foley, addressing the crowd twice, said Australia needs to acknowledge its colonial history. But before the referendum on Indigenous Voices took place in parliament, he saw no hope of Australia becoming a republic.

“Until Australians come to terms, understand and face their history, there will be no progress. That will not happen in my lifetime,” he said.

Larissa Jane Ryan, a 31-year-old Wamba Wamba and Douduroa woman, lost both her parents and sister before she turned 30 and associates their deaths with the effects of colonization.

“It’s really sad to see this process,” she said.

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Angry protesters reject royal mourning

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