Anne Heche car crash: ‘Horrifying’ new details of actress’ accident

Witnesses to actress Anne Heche’s life-threatening car crash in Los Angeles today shared new details about the crash with Fox News Digital.

It was also revealed that Heche joked about drinking vodka with wine chasers in an episode of the podcast published online the day of the crash, which has since been removed from the internet.

Heche complains about ‘very bad days’ on podcast

Heche complained that he had a “bad day” and told listeners that he was drinking vodka and wine in the latest episode. her podcastwas posted online hours before the crash and has since been removed from the internet.

It’s not clear when the podcast was recorded. She and co-host Heather Duffy say they drank the free vodka provided by the podcast’s sponsor and washed it down with white wine, and Heche confides about having a “very bad day.”

“I don’t know what happened. Sometimes I have the worst days and I don’t know if you’ve ever been through it. [but] Some days, those bad days, some very bad days, and some days end like this,” Heche told listeners.

“Sometimes there are bad days, and I don’t know if you’ve ever had it, but you know some days, mama says it’s just going to be like this. And then there are some very bad days,” she continued.

Eyewitnesses describe ‘horrifying’ scenes

Heche Crash Witness Lynn Bernstein Details crash When she tried to rescue Heche from the blue Mini Cooper she was driving, he said he was “horrified” and “could hardly breathe.”

“The smoke got so intense that I couldn’t breathe,” Bernstein said. “The smoke obscured my visibility.”

Bernstein said his wife saw the car driving “fast” down the street before she heard Heche’s car crash into the house next door.

Bernstein said his neighbor, Dave Mampal, asked Heche if she was okay, but she replied that she was not. and informed the first responder that a woman was inside.

The tenant of the house left the house from the side room and was “shocked” by what had happened. “Get out of my house,” Tennant told a group of people outside her home before realizing her car had crashed into her house.

Dave brought his tenant’s two dogs into his home. Bernstein said Tennant was “perfectly fine, thank God” after the explosive crash.

Bernstein told Fox News Digital that Heche was “conscious” but didn’t know how “coherent” she had been after the crash.

Manpar got out of the car when the flames overtook it.

“I was certain the driver was dead,” he told the Daily Mail. It took the fire department at least 30 minutes to extinguish the flames, pull the car out, and drag it out. “

Heche was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after crashing his car into his Mar Vista, Calif., home on Friday, causing a fire, according to emergency responders.

The resident was at home at the time of the accident and was not injured. Heche, however, suffered burns and was “conscious and breathing” when he was put on a stretcher.

A second witness spoke to Fox News Digital outside the homeowner’s home where crash damage was clearly visible.

The crash “frightened the whole neighborhood,” Yaroslav Borets told Fox News Digital. “One that we will remember for a long time.” Boretz said his neighborhood was “not the friendly neighborhood that everyone next door knows.”

“It’s generally a safe place here,” he said, explaining that these kinds of accidents don’t happen often in the Malvista area.

Brian Humphrey, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department, told Fox News Digital that the person involved in the accident was in critical condition and was taken to hospital.

The Los Angeles Fire Department has issued a statement that the vehicle had one occupant when it struck a two-story house built in 1952.

“It took 59 firefighters 65 minutes to access, contain, and completely extinguish a stubborn blaze inside a badly damaged building in a vehicle that was taken in critical condition to a local hospital by LAFD emergency services. We have rescued an adult female who was found.” statement Said.

No other injuries were reported and the cause of the crash is under investigation, according to FOX 11.

Heche, who has admitted to using drugs and alcohol in the past, famously dated Ellen DeGeneres from 1997 to 2000, The New York Post reported.

After their relationship ended, an upset and confused Heche drove to Fresno and knocked on a stranger’s door.

Heche has said in past interviews that he was sexually abused by his father, Don Heche, from an early age until he was 12.

Heche’s brother Nathan died in a car accident three months after his father’s death, which Anne suggested was a suicide.

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Anne Heche car crash: ‘Horrifying’ new details of actress’ accident

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