Armie Hammer: Suspected Victim Appears in House of Hammer Trailer

The first trailer for the new documentary series has revealed the alleged victim of Armie Hammer.

After a string of scandals, the movie star reportedly Selling Timeshare Property as ‘Completely Broken’ From an office cubicle in the Cayman Islands.

first trailer for ham houseReleased Wednesday by U.S. network Discovery, r includes footage of two of Hammer’s ex-boyfriends, Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison, detailing their alleged harrowing experiences and showing screen shots of the message. Includes shots and voice notes. social network The star reportedly sent them new york post.

“I have fantasies about having someone prove their love and devotion to me and have them tie me up in a public place at night and let me use my body freely,” said one of the messages from Hammer.

Another voice memo allegedly sent by Hammer uses more violent imagery.

“My bet is to show up at your place and completely tie you up and incapacitate you, leaving every hole in your body to do whatever I want until I’m done with you. I did,” says the memo.

The three-part series also features Hammer’s Aunt Casey Hammer, the granddaughter of businessman Armand Hammer, who made his family fortune in the oil business.

“We are about to uncover the dark and twisted secrets of the Hammer clan,” Casey says in the trailer.

of call me by your name The star, 35, called all allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse a “bull – t,” but his attorney, Andrew Bretler, denied any wrongdoing.

“From day one, Mr. Hammer has insisted that all sexual partner interactions are fully consensual, pre-discussed, agreed and mutually-participating,” Bretler said. . new york postPage 6 of the statement.

Armie, who lives in the Cayman Islands near his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers and their two children, is Robert Downey Jr.

Hammer’s house Premieres in September in the United States. It’s unclear when it will be available in Australia.

This story new york post Reprinted with permission.

first published as Armie Hammer’s alleged victim comes forward in House of Hammer trailer

Armie Hammer: Suspected Victim Appears in House of Hammer Trailer

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