Attorney General excludes jury size reduction

“I don’t think it will bring the yields we are looking for, and we are still considering all other reforms.”

The Victorian Criminal Bar Association is anxious to resume the jury trial, but opposes a reduction in the number of juries hearing each case. However, advocates of small juries believe that reform will still provide a cross-section of community representatives, allowing courts to initiate trials faster and more safely.

For more than 40 years of barrister and former prosecutor Tom Jorfi recently wrote to the Andrews government, insisting that six juries would hear criminal trials.He said Era It was important that Victorian judges were underutilized while the judicial system did not stop and the jury trial was not heard.

Gyorffy said the High Court had previously allowed twelve juries not needed as long as there were community representatives, and allowed him to appear in court with a small number of juries as a barrister.

“If they were randomly chosen and you went through that process, that’s right,” he said.

The pandemic provided an opportunity for the government to be innovative, he said, as when the British government decided a criminal trial during World War II with seven juries.

However, Jackie Horan, an associate professor at Monash University who investigated and wrote the jury, said that the smaller the jury, the more problematic the decision-making dynamics. Studies show that the smaller the number of juries, the more likely it is that there is an imbalance in power and a lack of diversity. A large jury was more effective in a strong exchange of information, she said.

“The diversity of opinions about the jury of both sexes is the best jury you can get,” she said.

“8 is not a good number. I think it’s too few. It’s okay for 10 juries, but it’s unlikely to solve spatial problems.”

Despite the contrasting views, Gyorffy and Professor Horan say that the court can use technology to appoint a jury from a pool of potential juries instead of having a large number of people attend the court building. I agreed.

“It is unreasonable to expect people to come to the city as juries when no jury is elected,” said Professor Horan.

The court expects the jury trial to resume in 2020, as it will focus on socially alienating jury members in the court and allocating an empty court for deliberation. The number of jury trials is limited.

Earlier this year, the Andrews government allowed courts to try judges only, but only a handful of defendants adopted the option.

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