Aubrey O’Day Photoshop Instagram photo from Bali vacation

Another O’Day, another Photoshop scandal involving Aubrey O’Day.

A little over a year after former Danity Kane girl group member announced she had leave the United States To start a ‘new life’ abroad, she found herself in hot water to flood New private Instagram feed Allegedly falsified holiday photos.

The photo in question — started taking up space on the singer’s grid right after her Moved in July 2021 — showing the blonde bombshell posing seductively on an impossibly perfect beach, in a form-fitting cut-out outfit in a lush rainforest and roaring on picturesque rocks I am doing a yoga pose.

Nearly all of the images were taken in Bali, Indonesia, according to O’Day’s geotagging, but some show her in various sights around the world, including Santorini, Greece. But social media users aren’t buying it.

tick tocker @residualdatawhose name is Sophie, credits the singer with “photoshopping a picture of herself and vacationing around Bali.”

“It’s like, really, all the pictures,” Sophie said as some of O’Day’s posts flashed across the screen.

Sophie chose a specific photo to analyze. It included one of her singers in an elaborate red dress looking down at a waterfall as she swayed from her bungee cord tied to a palm tree.

“She either stole content from other content creators or just Photoshopped random promotional images herself,” claimed Sophie.

The former girl group member, 38, accompanied her striking post with an equally thought-provoking caption.

“There is no linear fashion in life. , much more exciting than a textbook, so have fun while writing the pages of your life.”

But Sophie isn’t the only one she’s criticizing the singer for, as Instagram users have been criticizing her social media activity for months now. dubbing “Have a vacation in Photoshop”.

“Your dress can’t blow in the wind like that. This photo defies all the laws of nature lol”, “She stole this photo straight from the catalog”, “Photoshopped I love that background,’ are just a few of the replies fans left to the star’s gorgeous snaps.

Jokes aside, Sophie points out that O’Day’s fake photos can perpetuate a user’s low self-esteem.

And this isn’t the first time O’Day’s stylized Instagram photo has caused confusion. look like a completely different person to the blonde bombshell in her Instagram post.

A furious O’Day claimed the photos were fake, but the photographer confirmed they had not been tampered with and actually showed O’Day.

This story was originally 6 pages Republished here with permission.

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Aubrey O’Day Photoshop Instagram photo from Bali vacation

Source link Aubrey O’Day Photoshop Instagram photo from Bali vacation

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