Audegaard marshal Arsenal, beat Bournemouth | Premier League

Unrecognizable. The table has been turned upside down in a 12-month transformation. Then: 3 games, no goals, last place. Now: 3 games, goal streak and top. Sure, the fixture list was a lot nicer than it was this time last year, but that’s the nature and this style. arsenal The side where the head turns. Confidence, pazza that has been lacking for years.

Their new captain, Martin Odegaard, scored two goals within 12 minutes, with William Saliba adding luster in the second half. Bournemouth They were simply dismantled and undefended south coast attacks.

“Trust the process,” Mikel Arteta said. he kept saying it. First they laughed, then they got angry. not anymore.

You see, no one said Arsenal would win the title. They’re not going to win the title. Blip, there are embarrassing moments. However, implosion is less likely. There is a strong bond between players and supporters, which may have been helped further by allowing camera access to intimate areas of football last season.

Starting off with two straight wins, Arteta didn’t even have the urge to mess around. And for the first time since the 2003-04 Invincibles, Arsenal have the same starting line-up in the opening three league games.

The ground hosted Arteta’s first match as Arsenal manager in December 2019. Since then, he has slowly sucked the gold-plated poison out of the club, meaning only Bukayo Saka and Granito his jaka remain as starters.

Aaron Ramsdale was on the Bournemouth side that day. Much ridicule accompanied his arrival at Arsenal via a spell and two successive relegations at Sheffield United. Lumsdale still calls Vitality Stadium ‘home’ and enjoys a warm welcome from all sides of the ground, but he remains an integral part of the club today.

Scott Parker has made three changes from last week’s unread defeat at Manchester City. Philippe Billing and Marcos Senesi made their full debut with Senesi coming from Feyenoord in the summer. Dominic Solanke, who was the club’s top scorer during promotion from the championship, has again missed out.

Despite the train strike, Arsenal fans were in high spirits before kick-off. One day he spends on the sunny beach. what could be the problem? Well, they’ve been stung before.

Bournemouth were docile hosts, blowing Rockin’ All Over the World minutes before kick-off. This allowed them to warm up their vocal cords, and Status Quo’s hits were adopted as anthems last season.

Fans who visited immediately were overwhelmed with euphoria. Odegaard was the scorer, but it was all Gabriel Jesus’ fault. Senesi’s attention was dismissed with sheer force. Premier League – And Jesus’ touch was perfect.

Arsenal’s Gabriel tangles with Bournemouth’s Philip Billing. Photo: Robin Jones/AFC Bournemouth/Getty Images

He fended off Jefferson Lerma and pushed Gabriel Martinelli down the left with a clever reverse pass. Mark Travers made a deft save with his foot, but Haudegaard ended in a simple finish. But the celebrations spoke. Jesus was the man who was mobbed.

It took six minutes before the lead was doubled. Ben on the right flank his white overlap was found by Saka and a penalty close to his spot where Jesus controlled the pullback. With feet ready to attack, Audegaard and his bright yellow footwear arrived and shot forcefully.

VAR double-checked that White had not mistimed his run. He felt like match point for Bournemouth. The goal was scored and Arsenal settled into a rhythmic dominance. Odegaard was the tempo setter, Martinelli and Jesus were charged.

When Bournemouth offered a glimpse of adventure, or indeed allowed it, it was blown away. Much has been said about Oleksandr Zinchenko’s role as an inverted full-back. It gave Jaka new freedom.

But Zinchenko is also a good defender. Marcus Tavernier’s break attempt was easily stopped, so it wouldn’t have been surprising if Zinchenko shrugged afterwards. He and Xhaka quickly dodge the danger when he misses a bit and briefly loses the ball on the edge of the box.

Bournemouth got off to a slightly brighter start after half-time. Jesus was booked for a foul on Lewis Cook, who was replaced by Senesi at half-time.

However, the remaining air was completely sucked out of the host. A short free-kick danced to the right by Martinelli. His deep cross found Jhaka who teed up Saliba. A brilliant first left foot hit from the edge of the area went past Travers.

Arsenal fans serenaded Saliba’s name into the 1950s hit ‘Tequila’ for 20 minutes in the opening period and roared again.

Martinelli made a spectacular presence and had a chance to score shortly after. Running through the middle of the slope, he burst into flames.

Jesus thought he had an exquisite fourth Odegaard, but the Brazilian came too early. Then Kiefer Moore finally called Ramsdale and the towering header fell wide to the side. It took 79 minutes.

The fans who visited were happily flipping through past catalogs while basking in the sunshine. There were also some new ones. Xhaka probably never thought the day would come when his name would ring out from his supporters.

Arteta may not smile outwardly. He continued to soothe the players from the technical area until the final whistle blew. But my heart must be shining. Perhaps he will represent it with an easel.

Audegaard marshal Arsenal, beat Bournemouth | Premier League

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