Australia is considering strengthening the privacy method after the British Congress closed the Tiktok account.

Senator James Patterson, a spokesman of opposition party cyber security, said that the Union was prepared to support government regulations to protect Australians who would be in national interests, but have not taken specific measures. Attacked Minister Claire O’Neill.

“I do not use Tiktok. Carefully examine all Australian parliamentarians who are using the intention of having the Chinese government’s security institution to access data. I recommend doing it, “he said.

“At least, you should not install the app on your personal device according to our intelligence advice.”

Tiktok’s spokeswoman refute a proposal to bring security risks, and said that the company’s approach to user data was “completely consistent with the industry and other reliable Australian companies, including banks and telecommunications companies. “

He stated that many major Australian organizations have some user data accessed by Chinese representatives.

A British parliamentary member said that he was “surprised and disappointed,” knowing that the Congress had created an account because the TikTok data was “regularly transferred to China.”

“Efforts to involve young people in the history and functions of Congress should always be welcomed, but justification is to justify the use of apps that technology experts are essentially called” Chinese government spyware. ” It is not possible and should not be justified. “Nusrat Ghani, Tim Loughton, Iin Duncan Smith, and Helena Kennedy, a member of the Labor Party.

all Received sanctions from China last yearThis is a retaliation of the EU-Britain and Canada’s joint sanctions on Chinese authorities over human rights violations of Uyghurs in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the movement of Beijing.

Iin Duncan

The chairman’s Lindsay Hill and Rose’s counter part wrote a letter to the parliamentary members, and said that they did not consult about Tiktok pilots and ordered their accounts immediately.

“This account was an attempt to interact with a young audience, which is not always active in the existing social media platform,” said the pair.

“But in consideration of your feedback and concerns expressed by us, the account should be immediately closed.”


Ian Duncan Smith, co-founder of International Supported Group, which consists of more than 100 members of parliament, has said that other governments should also close their accounts. .

“Tiktok is an established security risk, and I’m glad that the British Congress has closed the account,” said the former Conservative Party. Sydney Morning Herald When era.

“We hope that the government’s sector must do the same, and members of the Diet will continue.

“This is a data harvester that is obliged to pass data to Chinese security services as needed by Chinese laws.


“We need to wake up the Chinese government’s freedom and the serious threats of the freedom of countries close to China,” he said.

Raffon said it was unusual for Congress to advertise companies related to the Communist Party.

“The House of Representatives and the House of Representatives have no consequences if the Chinese government acts arbitrarily and unfairly, approves the voices of British parliamentarians and emphasizes the activities of industrial -scale human beings. It is necessary to congratulate that he has acted very quickly to emphasize whether it will not be, and the infringement and genocide are being monitored. “

Lord David Alton also stated that Tiktok was threatening human rights, citizen freedom, and national security in this mast head.

“If Tiktok is not safe for Congress and parliamentarians, there is a question about who can use it safely and where it can be used safely.”

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Australia is considering strengthening the privacy method after the British Congress closed the Tiktok account.

Source link Australia is considering strengthening the privacy method after the British Congress closed the Tiktok account.

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