Australia Post boss pandemic spending revealed

Australia Post executives spent a lot of money on events, entertainment, and “reputation management” during the pandemic, while at the same time making staff redundant and working to reduce delivery services.

This revelation is the latest in a series of controversies involving Australia Post this year. Despite being one of the few winners of the coronavirus pandemic, thanks to the e-commerce boom.

Australia Post boss Christine Holgate’s pandemic spending was revealed in a response to a notice by Labor Senator Kimberly Kitcheng last week. This includes spin doctors from Liberal Party bureaucrats for $ 3,000 a day.

Liberal Senator Linda Reynolds elaborated on the extent of pandemic spending by Australian Post executives in response to Senator Kitchengue’s question last week.

From January 1st to July 2020, Ms. Holgate has approved spending more than $ 85,000 on events, entertainment, gifts and other expenses.

Australia’s most paid civil servant, Christine Holgate, added about $ 300,000 worth of money to her corporate credit card in 2019/20.

Luxury spending occurred at the same time that Ms. Holgate insisted on reducing pandemic delivery services under the company’s “alternative delivery model” to the general public and politicians, and dismissed a number of staff at headquarters.

Senator Reynolds revealed that CEO corporate credit card spending for the entire 2019/20 fiscal year totaled $ 287,063.44.

Ms. Holgate is the highest paid civil servant in the United States, earning about $ 2.5 million last year.

New daily He requested an interview with Ms. Holgate, but the request was rejected.

Liberal Linked Spin Doctor AusPost, NCCC Payday

Australia Post also paid more than $ 3,000 a day to crisis managers from a former Liberal Party communications adviser with a history of representing disgraceful companies, Senator Reynolds said.

The company has signed a deal with prominent spin doctor Ross Thornton, apparently anticipating a backlash against the reduction of coronavirus services. New daily It was revealed in June.

The “Strategic Communication Advisor” once worked for the infamous asbestos maker James Hardy. Last year, he represented the financial services company AMP, which suffered from scandals at the Royal Commission of Banks.

Ross Thornton has worked for the Liberal Party, James Hardy, AMP, and now Australia Post. Photo:

Thornton is an incredibly well-paid partner at Assist. $ 119,178.40 by Australia Post for a little over a month of work from June 23rd to July 31st.

“Assist provides communication planning and advice services and issues administrative advice services. Assist is ad hoc-based, supporting Australian Mail, not a holder,” said an Australian Post spokeswoman. New daily..

Thornton is also a co-founder of Commtract, a communications services company.

Earlier this year, Commtract received a favorable contract from the Morrison government to provide communications services to the National COVID-19 Coordinating Committee (NCCC).

Nefpower was the choice of Scott Morrison, who heads the NCCC. Photo: AAP

The company was paid $ 42,000 for providing NCCC with “creative, editing, and design services” from May 6th to September 30th.

The NCCC, led by former Fortescue Metals Group boss Nev Power, has been accused of lack of transparency.

Only one of the six prominent members of the government-appointed agency agreed to issue a Conflict of Interest Declaration.

Service reductions and pandemic benefits

In April, Ms. Holgate’s request for temporary deregulation was approved by the Morrison government, and Australia Post reduced delivery services in metropolitan areas, extended delivery times in the state, and was caused by a pandemic. We were able to abolish the priority postal service in response to the remarks. Decrease in the amount of letters.

Australia Post is one of the few companies that thrived during the pandemic, resulting in service cuts despite a record 7% increase in revenue for the 2019-20 fiscal year.

Pre-tax profit increased 30% to $ 53.6 million, the company’s annual report revealed.

Despite the pandemic plunge, Australia Post has found itself at the center of many controversies this year.

This included Ms. Holgate’s push to deliver Pauline Hanson’s chunky owner to a locked-down Melvernian, a employment security dispute, and criticism from business owners and customers for continued delays in delivery. It is included.

Australia Post boss pandemic spending revealed

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