Australian Idol 2023: Kyle Sandilands’ shocking ‘untouched’ comment

Kyle Sandilands picks up Australian Idol savagery where it left off 14 years ago.

Shockjock, 51, was the only original judge to return for the rebooted Seven Show, with Meghan Trainor, Harry Connick Jr., and Amy Shark joining the panel.

And on Tuesday night’s episode, the KIIS co-host (who frequently headlines unfiltered commentary) took things too far during one of the budding contestants’ auditions. rice field.

Brisbane care worker Ali Morris, 27 outsidehadn’t even started singing yet when Sandilands blurted out the brutal comment.

Ali reveals she’ll be auditioning for cult favorite Australian pop banger pristine by Veronica, to whom Sandilands replied, “Is it because you’re pristine?”

Awkward Ant replied, “I don’t know if I can answer.”

Seated next to Sandilands, Trainor said, “Oh my God. Oh my God. It’s a family show.”

Meanwhile, Shark and Connick Jr. said nothing, and Connick Jr. skimmed through Ali’s book and refused to look up.

Unfortunately for Ali, her performance leveled off and things didn’t get much better from there.

“This is a hardcore singing show.

“I think it’s a song that only Veronica can crack,” Shark said.

Sandilands made four “nos” and used Ali’s book to tell her to leave.

was there No shortage of terrible auditions of IdolThe first two returning episodes of . And social producers felt compelled, given that he was the first to air in the media age. Issue a petition asking fans to ‘respect’ the artist.

But heartfelt sentiment backfired – many noted IdolThe decision to air the “disastrous” audition was problematic.

Many also suggested that Sandilands’ brutal feedback on budding contestants was worse than any comment on the internet.

During one of her auditions, Sandilands said rock singer Ben Sheehy had a “weird, serial killer vibe”.

Australian idol Continues Wednesday at 7:30 PM.

Australian Idol 2023: Kyle Sandilands’ shocking ‘untouched’ comment

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