Australian iPhone 12 will not work with the faster 5G type coming in 2021

One of the biggest hype factors for new iPhone 12 devices is 5G. From the entry-level Mini to the flagship ProMax, all new devices have next-generation connectivity. However, unlike the United States, Australian iPhone 12 devices cannot use the fastest 5G.

iPhone 12 5G

Here in Australia, telcos are deploying 3.5GHz 5G. This is the midband frequency, sometimes referred to as sub-6. You can use it on your iPhone 12 device in Australia, but it’s not really the ideal result.

This is because millimeter-wave 5G will be rolled out in Australia over the next few years. This is the high frequency band starting at 26GHz.Simply put, it’s Lots faster.

The iPhone 12 is compatible with millimeter-wave 5G, which is a feature specific to devices sold in the United States. This means that neither of the iPhone 12 models sold in Australia or outside the United States can use millimeter wave 5G.

Australian millimeter wave 5G

It’s worth noting that this isn’t a big deal so far. Australia does not yet have access to millimeter-wave 5G, but it may be accessible next year. In 2019, the Australian Government announced a 26GHz spectrum auction in early 2021. This basically means that companies such as telcos can bid on the amount of mmWave spectrum accessible on the network.

And in August 2020, the government further announced what the spectrum allocation limits would be. Theoretically, this is to prevent a single company from monopolizing the spectrum.

“I instructed the Australian Communications and Media Authority to set a 1GHz quota limit,” Paul Fletcher, Minister of Communications, Cyber ​​Security and Arts, said in a press release.

“This decision was communicated by advice and analysis from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and is in line with the objectives of the Government’s communications policy.”

The strict dates for millimeter-wave spectrum auctions have not yet been set, but have been fixed for some time in early 2021. This means that the 26 GHz band may not be open to users until the second half of the year or 2022.

For comparison, when the first 3.5GHz spectrum was auctioned at the end of 2018, it wasn’t actively available until May 2019.

So why is this important?

Some may argue that the lack of millimeter-wave 5G capabilities on Australian iPhone 12 devices is not really a problem. After all, it’s not yet available here and may not be available for another year. And that’s a perfectly valid stance.

But I counter it with the concept of future guarantees. The new flagship iPhone isn’t cheap, but at least it’s worth a lot. To be sure, some Apple fans always buy a new iPhone every year. This issue probably won’t affect them — especially if Australia’s 5G networks are still in their relatively early stages.

But other customers have had their iPhones for years, and of course. They are good devices that will last a long time if you take care of them. Therefore, it is not appropriate for me to deny the ability to access the best 5G offered by Australia, as you may not want to upgrade again after 12 months.

It is terribly class-discriminatory and blatantly strengthens the capitalist ideology rather than putting people to fork hard-earned money first.

Australian iPhone 12 will not work with the faster 5G type coming in 2021

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