Australian Masked Singers: Sheldon Riley, Shannon Knoll, Jamie Dury and More Revealed

At this point, this has become an annual tradition. News.com.au’s collection of guesses (from knowledgeable to ignorant) was published the morning after all of the new season’s Masked His Singer contestants had their first performance.

With two episodes and two contestants already home, there are eight singers left in the competition. Now that I’ve heard all eight singing, I’m pretty confident, at least Five of them.

Back in 2019, I correctly 6 contestants will be selected – However, Paulini later confessed that she worked hard to hide her true voice in contests.

all right 5 next seasonincluding Sophie Monk and Kate Miller Heidke.

Here are my guesses for this season, ranked from most certain to least.

Snapdragon is… Sheldon Riley

It’s one of the instantly recognizable voices many fans picked from pre-season ads.

That towering voice The Voice When eurovision For star Sheldon, the clue to being mysterious hidden in his intro package makes more sense. He often covers his face behind a jeweled headpiece during his performances.

And the snapdragon was shown lifting dumbbells pictured with ‘1’ and ‘100’? Sheldon’s Eurovision song not the same Reached #1 on the AIR 100% Independent Singles Chart.

Think Kate Miller Heidke or Kate Severano this season. We all recognize that voice from the beginning, so now we can enjoy the performance.

Disco ball is… Melody Thornton

Former Pussycat Doll Melody chose not to return to the group for their recent reunion due to a power struggle with lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. I was not happy to be relegated to And her sky-high vocals at Sunday’s disco ball showed why.

The clues are all matching, from the Mexican flag (her Mexican heritage) to photos of John Travolta and Uma Thurman, who starred in the 2005 film. be coolstarring Thornton. The Pussycat Dolls have also sold over 50 million records worldwide – claimed masked singer An ad was created for one of this season’s contestants.

And crucially, Pussycat Dolls fans around the world have already taken her appearance for granted, from the first teaser clip of the disco ball song. Xanadu A few weeks ago a YouTube video appeared online titled something like “MELODY THORNTON PERFORMS AS MIRROBALL ON MASKED SINGER”.

Blowflies are… Shannon Noll

Ocker’s “I’m-Australian-as-mate” clue package certainly pointed to Norsey, but it was mostly his instantly recognizable vocals during Sunday’s performance of Miley Cyrus’ hit midnight sky. Let’s face it, for any of us who watched Australian Idol season 1, it was most of the country.

Popcorn is… Sam Sparo

This is one of Chrissie Swan’s favorite “feel” speculations. In this case, voice is everything. Scissor Her Sisters’ soulful rendition of popcorn on Monday’s show had me hooked – I know that voice! – Until it hits where you’ve heard it before: Sparro’s 2008 global smash single black and goldThe hit’s sudden success also matches popcorn’s “overnight success” clue.

The popcorn clue package also included a photo of Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga.Sam and Kylie made a song together – and a strange pop fact, he saved Lady Gaga’s iconic meat dress is on the fridge When his fashion designer friend made it for her.

Tiger is… Jamie Dury

Tiger said there was a “link to Lions” on the clue package, indicating it was playing the theme song BMX Bandit At the piano with a framed photo of Chelsea Clinton. He was shown wearing a tutu and mentioned stripping.

Tiger has a growling baritone voice, I feel goodDefinitely Australian with a strong voice. Chrissie Swan was completely convinced that Tiger was Jamie Durie. She was given a clue about stripping, so I’m on her side (Durie launched his dancer career in Manpower). And that Chelsea Clinton clue? Durie won a gold medal at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in 2008.

And now for my less sure guess…

The zombie is… Emma Watkins?

See, I’m relying on the wisdom of the internet on this one.Social media audiences seem to be almost unanimous in their view that Zombie is former Wiggle Emma Watkins.But I have a question.Dearest child entertainer would really choose to play a slightly scary zombie for her Masked Singer debut? And (now a more sensitive question): Could her voice be a little better? Ava Max zombie rendition Sweet Butt Psycho It was a little dangerous. Perhaps the first night shivering? Or is it a cunning ruse to keep fans away from the scent?

The thong is… Bindi Irwin?

The thong is an “Australian icon with a background abroad” who is “well known for his work with M&M”, according to the clue package. Oh, and they love fish.

based on her performance foot loose, I think Thong is also a non-professional singer. It was exactly his Friday night karaoke performance. Chrissy is Bindi Irwin, Mel B is surfer Stephanie Gilmore, Hughie is British singer Dido, and Abby guesses. chef When survivor Star Khan On. Bindi makes the most sense. She and her Irwins are based locally, and in the past she has worked with Ten, and as a singer she has Bindi. Become a great wildlife warrior.

The rooster is… John Farnum? (no, probably not)

Alright, at this point, I completely and completely disconnected my professional credentials. The cockerel’s clue package showed him wearing his boxing gloves and reading a book about Australia’s largest church in front of a poster of the Auscar championship.He stated that his family was important to him and he was shown cutting someone’s hair – in front of a background matrix-style binary code.

His performance of Bruno Mars 24 carat magic A strong voice suggested that it was probably an elderly man.

Judges like Keanu Reeves, David Guetta, Russell Brand and John Farnham missed the mark. The one at the end from Mel B seems the closest, but none of them convinced me.

Some on social media thought the rooster’s clue package indicated he was Velvet’s voice crooner Hugh Sheridan: If so, he’s disguised his voice well. doing.

So far this season, neighbor Star Ryan “Toadie” Moloney leave the competition firstperhaps one of the show’s best-kept secrets, and last night, Swimming legend Lisa Curry It was not masked.

And there are still two “wildcard” contestants this season who haven’t made it onto the screen yet. Gnome and Microphone.

The Masked Singer follows Tuesday at 7:30 PM.

first published as I think I picked the contestants for this season’s Masked Song

Australian Masked Singers: Sheldon Riley, Shannon Knoll, Jamie Dury and More Revealed

Source link Australian Masked Singers: Sheldon Riley, Shannon Knoll, Jamie Dury and More Revealed

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