Australian Tourism Board Involves Hamish Break and Zoe Foster Break in Campaign

The Australian Tourism Board has deployed a couple team, Hamish Break and Zoe Foster Break, in a new $ 7 million campaign designed to encourage Australians to take vacations locally.

The duo say it’s not strictly a difficult sale, but given that everyone in the country now feels like a vacation, it’s coming to a critical time and tourism since the international closure. The sector’s losses are estimated to be as much as $ 1 billion a month.

Starting today, the campaign will be rolled out to print, social media, radio and outdoor advertising, showing both expensive and less familiar destinations.

“You can’t see the whole of Australia. The more you dig, the more you can find it,” Hamish said.

“There are hundreds of unfamiliar and unfamiliar places. This is an opportunity to explore Australia in a way that was unthinkable a year ago.”

Zoe, like many couples, said he had previously postponed plans to see different parts of the country.

“It wasn’t a slogan,” Hamish said, but if there was an underlying message in the campaign, “Australia: it’s been here all the time.”

Melbourne-based couples said their ultimate Australian escape was a complete lap of the continent.

“For a long time it was always my illusion that we took our children. [Sonny, 6, and Rudy, 3] Basically, we want the youngest child to be old enough to swim in a stream and to be able to swim without risk, “says Hamish.

“But what happened, we looked up the bucket list we’ve kept for the past few years and said,’Why wait until 2024? Let’s do it now’.”

Zoe was personally attracted to destinations such as WA’s Middle Lagoon and NT’s Bitter Springs, but Australia’s estimated 150+ attractions, Bigs, will definitely appear on future family trips. I said.

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“The rule is that you’re in a big place, 200 kilometers, and you have to look at big things to be able to get there in a day,” Hamish said.

The key message of this year’s holiday campaign is to allow holiday makers to book experiences, as well as accommodation and transportation.

According to Zoe, a guided tour of the Great Barrier Reef was one of the things that kids experienced at an early age to make sure they saw it.

“The best support we can provide to the industry is for Australia to make reservations and make safe trips to COVID,” said Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham, as regulations have been relaxed and several borders have been opened. I did.

“Our borders remain closed for the foreseeable future, and summer vacation is expected to be just a few months away, so this will try something new for all Australians in that position. I’m crying out to consider booking a vacation. I’ve never been to a destination in Australia, “said Senator Birmingham.

Philippa Harrison, Managing Director of the Australian Tourism Board, said the campaign “promotes as much domestic demand as possible, especially for regions and businesses that are generally popular with international visitors. It’s just the first of a series of initiatives. “

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