Australian writer Yang Hengjun officially charged with espionage: Report

“We are clearly enthusiastic and have emphasized that there must be a transparent, fair and just process in all diplomatic involvement on this issue,” he said.

“These are what we support as Australians, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t expect Australians to do the same anywhere in the world, including China. [People’s Republic of China]..

Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants transparency from Morning Herald.

“The system there is very different from the system here in Australia, which can cause some anxiety.”

ABC reported on Saturday that Yang was indicted on October 7. There are no details about the exact nature of the prosecution against Yang, a democratic blogger who was born in China and once worked for the Foreign Ministry.

Yang’s attorney, Shan Bao-jun, told ABC that Yang was officially charged with espionage, but he said he was “strictly prohibited from interviewing foreign media” and did not provide further details. It was.

In September, Yang vowed to “fight to the end” after meeting for the first time since being detained by his second attorney, Mo Shaoping.


The 55-year-old boy was allegedly quarantined and tortured to confess to unspecified claims.

Mr. Yang said he would like to go to court in a comment to the lawyer and confirmation by sources close to his family at the time. “This is political persecution,” he said. “They can abuse me. I didn’t confess to the criminals. I’m innocent and fight to the end.”

Yang is one of the Australians detained by Chinese authorities. Chinese-Australian TV newscaster Chen Ray has also been detained by state security forces for unknown claims.

Yang’s wife, Yuan Shaorian, told ABC that she felt “powerless” after hearing that her husband had been charged.

For the past year, Chinese authorities have questioned democratic bloggers about their relationships with Australia, the United States, and the Chinese Communist Party. Prior to coming to Australia in 1999, Yang says he worked for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Australia-China relations have been prosecuted at the worst time since diplomatic relations were established about 50 years ago.

There are no certified foreign correspondents left in China after two journalists were expelled from the country last month. Australian TV newscaster Chen Ray is also detained in Beijing.

Cheng, a business anchor for China’s national media network CGTN, was personally critical of Facebook’s Chinese Communist Party. China’s Foreign Ministry confirmed in September that Melbourne’s mother had been arrested for national security reasons, but did not disclose any specific claims against her.

Australian journalists Bill Bartles and Michael Smith left China in September after being questioned by the Chinese National Security Agency regarding the Chen case.

Relations between Australia and China have deteriorated sharply since 2018, with multiple controversies over coronavirus, Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong, foreign interference, and invasion of the South China Sea.

China has imposed more than $ 1 billion in trade strikes on Australia this year after the Morrison government demanded an independent investigation into the coronavirus.

A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Australia had been informed that Chinese authorities had decided to prosecute Yang “on charges that had not yet been announced.”

“The Australian Government has access to a consulate recently detained by Dr. Yang in line with our bilateral consular agreement. We provide him and his family with consular support. I will continue to insist on his interests, “said a DFAT spokeswoman.

Eryk Bagshaw is a Chinese correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Due to travel restrictions, he is currently based in Canberra.

Anthony is a diplomatic and national security correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

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