Australians may be able to fly quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic

Australia is discussing the possibility of resuming international vacation trips with countries such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed talks last week, including those in the South Pacific.

He told reporters in Queensland on Sunday that the plan was based on an existing agreement to allow New Zealanders to visit parts of the country without going to quarantine.

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Tourists from New Zealand will be allowed to visit New South Wales and the Northern Territory starting Friday, October 16th, marking the first move to reopen the Australian border, which was closed in March.

“We’re already talking to family members in the Pacific. We’ve talked to Pacific leaders many times this week,” Morrison said.

“We also have talks with the Prime Minister of Japan. This week’s Foreign Minister is talking with the Prime Minister of Singapore. We also talked with the President of South Korea.

“There are countries with good health performances and Australia, and those countries are one of the few countries with the same level of success.

“But we have to go with this carefully, very, very carefully. Covid-19 didn’t go anywhere, it’s still there – it’s as much today as it was six months ago. Is also aggressive. Covid-safe behavioral habits need to be maintained.

“Covid-19 didn’t go anywhere. It’s still there and today it’s as aggressive as it was six months ago.”

His comments increase the likelihood that Europe and the United States will be excluded until 2022, unless the Covid vaccine is available.

Morrison said Queensland is not part of the travel bubble program.

“The reason they can’t come to Queensland is because they need two weeks of quarantine in Queensland,” he said, allowing Australians to travel abroad to Queensland because of hotel limits. He explained that it would prevent him from returning home. quarantine.

“When it’s no longer needed-great-I think it’s going to be tremendous for Queensland’s tourism industry.”

He said the reopening of the border should be based on a balance between health and economy.

“Borders don’t protect you from viruses, viruses work,” he said.

“If an infection occurs here in Queensland or elsewhere, what you really need is a testing and tracking system and, of course, social distance and other Covid-safe behavior.

“We want the border to exist as long as it must exist, and only for medical reasons.

“There is no problem with borders. The problem is that we need to balance the economy and health, so it only needs to exist if it needs to exist.”

Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham said he hopes Australia will become a two-way travel bubble with New Zealand by the end of next year.

Starting next Friday, New South Wales and the Northern Territory will begin allowing New Zealanders to travel there without quarantine, and Birmingham is still in San Herald’s debate about reciprocating it. Said.

“We are working on ways to promote two-way COVID-safe travel between Australia and New Zealand, and we hope to see mutual arrangements for unquarantine travel with New Zealand by the end of the year.” He said.

Place of originAustralians may be able to fly quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic

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