Australia’s next GP suffering after a technical failure hits a major exam

Dr. Yeats was canceled because the provider was unable to resolve the technical issue in a reasonable time frame on Friday and RACGP was not convinced that candidates logging in to the second component on Saturday could attend without problems. I did.


“RACGP generously apologizes for this causing serious confusion for test takers. Many test takers have been delayed in taking these exams due to safety concerns associated with COVID. “She said.

Samantha Dingwall, a 32-year-old GP registrar enrolled in the exam, said the failure brought a “imminent national crisis” to the GP pipeline and was extremely stressful for candidates.

“The preparation for these trials over the past decade in setting the uncertainty, unemployment, and personal health risk that COVID poses to healthcare professionals has been tough,” said Orange-based mothers. Dr. Dingwall said. Toddler.

She said the RACGP did not provide certainty about the emergency response plan after the test takers worked on the exam all year round and “at great personal and financial sacrifice.”

Allan Grogan, a 55-year-old GP registrar and former Wollongong-based paramedic, encountered a technical problem in an online exam conducted by RACGP two weeks ago, which RACGP is suitable for. He said he should have known that it wasn’t.

“I have worked hard to be the best general practitioner I can do. I studied hard. I studied.
I paid my $ 4,660 and all other costs. I did the job. RACGP’s job was to evaluate me
In a fair, transparent, and impartial way. I failed. “

Dr. Yeats said hundreds of test takers have expressed “disappointment, anger, and frustration” to RACGP and that the organization is considering all options for advancing the exam.

Candidates study intensively for several months in preparation for the exam. The exam must pass in order to proceed from registrar status to a qualified GP. The exam, which costs $ 4,660 per trial, is conducted twice a year. The round was originally scheduled for July, but was postponed due to a pandemic and moved online.

The Australian Medical Association said the case was the last thing trainees needed after a very confusing year.

Hash Abdeen’s AMA Physician Council on training chairs said the Peak agency is considering how trainee GPs can help complete the exam.

“It’s painful to see our practitioner trainees’ lives put on hold again after months of sacrifice and research. A new schedule of exams needs to be organized as a top priority.” Said Dr. Abdeen.

Fergus Hunter is a criminal reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Place of originAustralia’s next GP suffering after a technical failure hits a major exam

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