Baron Trump: Melania says her son tested positive for the coronavirus

Two weeks after she and US President Donald Trump shocked the world with a positive coronavirus test, Mrs. Melania revealed the health of her teenage son.

Trump wrote a frank article on the White House website today, looking back on her “COVID-19 personal experience” and sharing for the first time that 14-year-old Baron was also infected with the virus.

The trio were initially quarantined together in the White House residence before Mr. Trump was transferred to the Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment when his condition worsened.

He then recovered, and his doctor confirmed that the president’s subsequent COVID-19 test returned negative.

Mr. Trump returned to the campaign’s trajectory this week, just weeks after the poll. Baron has not been seen in public since his diagnosis.

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media_cameraFor the first time, she revealed that President Donald Trump, Mrs. Melania Trump, and their son Baron were all infected with the coronavirus. Photo: AFP

“I was diagnosed two weeks ago and had already been diagnosed by so many Americans in our country and around the world. I tested positive for COVID-19,” said the First Lady. Is writing.

“To make matters worse, my husband and the commander-in-chief of our country received the same news.

“Of course, my heart went to my son right away. Because of our great relief, he did a negative test, but again, many over the past few months. My parents were thinking, so I had to think, “What about tomorrow or the next day?”

Mr. Trump wrote that when the teen was tested again and the results returned positive, her “fear became a reality.”

“Fortunately, he was a strong teenager and had no symptoms. In a sense, three of us experienced this at the same time, so we take care of each other and spend time together. I’m glad I got it. Since then he has been negative on the test. “

Baron, the youngest of Mr. Trump’s children, is far from the political spotlight of Washington and is occasionally seen traveling with his parents.

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Baron Trump: Melania says her son tested positive for the coronavirus

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