Batman set photos give us a new look of Serena Kyle and penguins

Jessica Henwick makes fun of big things Matrix 4..Janelle Monáe helps celebrate the finale of Lovecraft country..Antony Starr makes fun of Homelander’s whereabouts the boys‘Third season.In addition, a new look for your favorite baby in the new galaxy Mandalorian Poster, and Pennyworth Make fun of that return. Spoilers, stay away!

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Deadline reports that Kate Winslet will star in the 2001 remake others From Sentient Entertainment and Universal Pictures. The outlet states: “It’s unclear how long this movie will take from the original story. According to insiders, executives are currently meeting with writers to adapt the script.”


The deadline also reports that Anna Friel will star box, “Character-led psychological thriller” that blends into the “Supernatural Horror” movie directed by Adi Hasaku. Friel is said to play Sharon Pisi, a “Kansas police detective trapped in an inescapable room.”


Spiral: From a saw book Screenwriters Colin Minihan and John Polykin are currently working on adapting the features of short films. Selfie, “Exploring the horror of body image in the age of social media”. [Deadline]


The· New infection final express follow up Peninsula It will be available on Digital in the United States on October 28th. Stay tuned for a local release in Australia. [Bloody-Disgusting]

Matrix 4

In a recent interview with the comic book, Jessica Henwick said Lana Wachowski “will change the industry again.” Matrix 4..

There is definitely a moment when Yahya is on the set [Abdul-Mateen II] And I look at each other and we just go “Matrix 4.. They pinch me a moment. Yeah Lana is doing some really interesting things at the technical level as you know, she created the style at the time. I think she will change the industry again with this movie. There are some camera rigs we have never seen before. Perhaps that’s all I can say.


Set photo from Batman What are the new looks of Bruce Wayne, Serena Kyle, Carmine Falcone and Penguins?

Mission: Impossible 7

Meanwhile, Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise wave to fans with new footage from the set. Mission: Impossible 7..

Monster hunter

New features compare creatures Monster hunter With that of the original game.

They reach

The haunted spool of open reel tape unleashes the devil on a trailer They reachAvailable on VOD on November 3rd.

Essex snake

According to Deadline, Keira Knightley has left the adaptation of Sarah Perry to Apple TV +. Essex snake “For family reasons related to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Discovery of the witch

Similarly, production was temporarily suspended in the third season. Discovery of the witch After an unspecified crew test positive for covid-19. [Deadline]

Lovecraft country

Following the season finale Lovecraft country, HBO will be hosting a virtual reality Janer Monay concert on Youtube Live at 1:00 pm on October 20th.

the boys

In a recent interview with Collider, Antony Starr revealed that Homelander will be a full-fledged “murder maniac” in the third season. the boys..

There are two words that Eric says [Kripke] I told me about Season 3. His description of Homelander Season 3 was “Two Words, Murder Maniac.” That’s all I know.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the Homelander unchained. It would be really fun just to see him take accurate revenge undisturbed. Looking at the end of Season 2, there are certainly some who are scarier than others. William Butcher should always be ringing the alarm bell in his head. I think some other people are firmly in the fire line for Season 3. It should be a lot of fun.


Disney has released a new character poster from MandalorianSecond season.

Photo: Disney
Photo: Disney
Photo: Disney
Photo: Disney


Spears and fangs are confused with the cult that worships Pteranodon in the trailer for next week’s episode “The Contract of Damned.”


Finally, the new teaser Pennyworth I promise to “make Arkham Asylum look like a country club” when I return on December 14th.

Banner art by Jim Cook..

Batman set photos give us a new look of Serena Kyle and penguins

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